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Continued Conversations: Featured presenter Amy Schlessman discusses physical activity in small spaces 

PT, OT, and early childhood presenter offers tips for embedding physical activity into academic concepts


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Continued Conversations: Kim Cavitt, featured presenter for AudiologyOnline

Audiology expert on evidence-based practice + caring for patients + making a living


Continued Conversations: Jill Seale, featured presenter for PhysicalTherapy.com

Expert in neuro PT dedicated to improving lives through rehabilitation


Continued Conversations: Krista Covell-Pierson, featured presenter for OccupationalTherapy.com

Founder of mobile outpatient practice discusses passion for the field of OT


Continued's Slater advocates for audiology, speech-language pathology professions

Director of continuing education administration represents ASHA on Capitol Hill


Team Continued: PhysicalTherapy.com editor Calista Kelly

Managing editor of Continued’s PhysicalTherapy.com compares helping people through PT to ‘runner’s adrenaline’


Team Continued: AudiologyOnline editor Christy Huynh

Audiologist pursues passion for the field while on the move


Team Continued: Jessica Lewis, senior managing editor of Early Childhood Education and Massage Therapy

Managing editor committed to quality training


Continued Conversations: Nancy Swigert, featured presenter for SpeechPathology.com

Speech-language pathology expert discusses four decades in the field


Continued Conversations: Gus Mueller, AudiologyOnline contributing editor

Accidental audiologist makes continued impact in the field


Team Continued: OccupationalTherapy.com editor Fawn Carson

Managing editor of Continued’s OccupationalTherapy.com gains motivation by helping others achieve