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Continued’s passion for continuing education offers exceptional online learning, member experience

At Continued, we’re passionate about online learning. In fact, we were pioneers in online continuing education and have been providing an online learning platform for working professionals for more than 20 years! 

Continued provides a seamless experience that uses the latest technology, and our experts offer courses that cover the latest research and trending topics.

But don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what some of our members have to say about online learning with Continued:

Convenient access to experts is irreplaceable 

“Being able to access such an incredible breadth of topics and experts from my desk has been irreplaceable. I am deeply grateful to live in this time and have the resources that Continued provides.” — Read more about physical therapist Emelia Brogna of Vermont

Continued helps me keep my edge

“The range and variety of learning that is available is staggering and keeps me busy all year. It also keeps me out of trouble while ensuring I keep my edge. My recommendation for new audiologists is to get a membership to Continued’s AudiologyOnline. No matter how smart we are, there is always something we don't know.” — Read more about audiologist Kevin Pons of South Dakota

I can choose what is relevant to me from numerous topics

“Continued has so many training topics where teachers can choose what is relevant to them. [With what I have learned], I changed a few of my teaching habits and incorporated the methods from the training in my classroom.” Read more about early childhood educator Kavitha Ramesh of California

Continued provides excellent education at a reasonable cost

“Continued provides excellent educational experiences in a convenient format and at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, the educators with Continued are leaders in the field, and I have always felt as though I have taken home very important points. A good portion of my skills and knowledge related to assistive technology has been garnered from Continued's, and I expect that to continue for the rest of my career.” — Read more about occupational therapist Richard Watt of New York

Learning with Continued builds my confidence

“My confidence has grown in that I can speak knowledgeably about treatments and issues, I can try different approaches I've learned, and I can share my knowledge with colleagues. Continued has been a wonderful tool for keeping me moving forward in an affordable and accessible way.” Read more about speech-language pathologist Joanne Chase of Oregon

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