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Meet Continued member and occupational therapist Deena Cohn

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Deena Cohn, MS, OTR/L, joins the Continued family from New Jersey. As an occupational therapist, she has experience in skilled nursing facility care and currently holds an administrative role for a therapy management company.  

“Occupational therapists and therapists in general really get to make a difference in someone’s life.” 

What do you like most about what you do? Continued member Deena Cohn

When I was still working as a treating occupational therapist, I really enjoyed working hands-on with patients and learning about their lives. Each person’s individual story impacts their daily functioning and patterns of movement. Getting to know them was necessary to create holistic, individualized treatment, and it was rewarding to be able to help them retain their independence and promote quality of life.  

Now that I am in an administrative role, I love the challenge of combining my clinical skills with the knowledge of therapy regulations in order to advise and consult with our therapy staff and external auditors. I particularly enjoy guiding our therapy staff, especially new graduates, on clinical best practices as well as what is expected in terms of strong, defensible documentation. It is rewarding to educate and see improvements in both the quality of care and the documentation following training and instruction. 

Why are you passionate about your field? 

Occupational therapists and therapists in general really get to make a difference in someone’s life. From adaptive equipment training to strengthening and balancing activities, the progress and improvement in quality of life along with the prevention of further decline is really obvious and fulfilling. The treatment provided in both sub-acute and long-term settings impacts the patient tremendously.

What value does online learning hold for you?

Aside from the obvious flexibility—a necessity as a busy mom—I really like the ability to easily see what new courses are available and complete courses at my own pace. I love how a click of a button can make it so easy to stay on top of the latest evidence-based practice and new treatment techniques. 

The large amount of varied courses on the site makes it easy to choose the ones that will be most relevant to me. Courses on pain management, modalities, and billing have all been helpful when I consult and advise therapy clinicians on treatment areas that are not as straightforward.


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