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Continued editors' top course picks for 2022

"Continued's courses offer a balance of emerging topics and trends while also covering the basics, best practices, and subject areas that professionals want."


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Continued celebrates 10 years of serving occupational therapy profession

"The past decade has been a great journey, and we have built a really comprehensive library to provide the best possible product to our learners."


Continued celebrates 10 years of serving physical therapy profession

“Education and research are the driving forces in furthering our profession, and Continued believes in making high-quality education easily available and accessible to everyone."


Cultural humility + inclusion: Explore our courses

“These courses are vital for professionals and also exemplify the values we stand for as a company.”


Continued editors' top course picks for 2021

Explore the year's top courses from each Continued profession


Your questions, answered!

What do you get with a Continued membership? Who teaches the courses? Only $99—is there a catch?


Live, video, text, and more: Continued offers multiple course formats to meet member needs

Social, solitary, visual, verbal—we have a format for all types of learners! 


Back to school: Explore our school-based courses

Continued’s editors have rounded up an assortment of courses focused on providing care for children and youth.


Diversity, inclusion prioritized across business practices 

A roundtable discussion with Continued team members on cultural humility + actionable steps


How has the pandemic impacted the Continued team?

HR director, health + wellness manager discuss predominant challenges + looking ahead


Navigating COVID-19 + providing care: Explore our courses

Continued’s editors recommend these evidence-based courses on providing care during the pandemic