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continued conversations: Mike Studer, featured presenter for PhysicalTherapy.com

Expert in neurological therapies on passion for neurologic PT + how the pandemic has impacted the profession


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continued conversations: Featured presenter Nicole Steward on 'radical self-care'

Social worker and registered yoga teacher discusses importance of self-care to keep practitioners engaged and renewed


continued conversations: Featured presenter Amy Schlessman discusses physical activity in small spaces 

PT, OT, and early childhood presenter offers tips for embedding physical activity into academic concepts


Innovation 'best part of job' for continued COO, Simucase CEO Stacy Williams

Front-line practice, research laid foundation for continued’s second-oldest learning site, paved way for future of continuing education  


continued conversations: Kim Cavitt, featured presenter for AudiologyOnline

Audiology expert on evidence-based practice + caring for patients + making a living


continued conversations: Jill Seale, featured presenter for PhysicalTherapy.com

Expert in neuro PT dedicated to improving lives through rehabilitation


continued conversations: Krista Covell-Pierson, featured presenter for OccupationalTherapy.com

Founder of mobile outpatient practice discusses passion for the field of OT


continued's Slater advocates for audiology, speech-language pathology professions

Director of continuing education administration represents ASHA on Capitol Hill


Team continued: PhysicalTherapy.com editor Calista Kelly

Managing editor of continued’s PhysicalTherapy.com compares helping people through PT to ‘runner’s adrenaline’


Team continued: AudiologyOnline editor Christy Huynh

Audiologist pursues passion for the field while on the move


Team continued: Early Childhood Education editor Jessica Lewis

Managing editor of continued ECE committed to quality training for educators