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Team Continued: Katie Kirk, group managing editor–behavioral health

"Continued will be a one-stop shop for psychologists to access phenomenal training on a wide variety of topics."


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Innovation 'best part of job' for CEO Stacy Williams

"Innovation permeates all corners of our company, from what we produce to how we operate day to day."


Continued Conversations: Ehab Daoud, critical care + mechanical ventilation expert

Get to know ‘ventilator geek’ and featured presenter for Continued respiratory therapy   


From therapist to patient: OccupationalTherapy.com editor recounts therapy journey

"I am grateful for therapists and the great work they do. I wouldn't be where I am today without it."


Continued Conversations: Tiffany Ellsworth Lee, pelvic health expert + featured presenter for Continued

"It is fulfilling and extremely rewarding to help change peoples’ lives.”


Continued Conversations: Kryss Shane, LGBT+ expert + featured presenter for Continued

“The social work profession allows, encourages, and mandates me to keep working for change, to prioritize change, and to ensure change occurs.” 


Continued Conversations: Amber Tankersley, early childhood education expert + featured presenter for Continued

“Online continuing education makes it easier for early childhood professionals to access specific information that will help them work with the children in their programs.”


Team Continued: Respiratory therapy editor Farzana Vela

“Respiratory therapists play an integral role in the health care system, and the field of respiratory therapy is consistently changing."


Tami Micsky, grief expert + featured presenter for Continued Social Work

"I believe it is imperative to legitimize loss experiences and validate grief reactions through education and supportive services."


Continued Conversations: Angela Mansolillo, featured presenter for SpeechPathology.com

Meet speech-language pathologist and dysphagia expert with 30+ years of experience in the field


Continued Conversations: Tasha Perkins Holmes, featured presenter + telehealth expert

“It is exciting to know that you can help so many different types of people in so many different ways.”