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National Work From Home Week: Take a peek into continued team members’ virtual offices 

“No commute means more time to give yourself, your family, and your overall health and wellness—and that means a less stressful existence.”


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Team continued: six sides to account manager Tiffany Grant

"We are a company full of people who value people first."


Team continued: six sides to development manager Nick Baker

“What we do as a company makes a positive difference in the world.”


‘Camp continued’ brings summer programming to team members’ kids during pandemic

With traditional camp and child care options scarce, continued team members come together to develop fun, educational classes.


continued team member, occupational therapist, and mom of four on career + family juggle

CE administrator/assistant editor for discusses work, family time, and virtual school during COVID-19


Team continued: six sides to Brenda Pantalone, Simucase support manager 

Decade of service to continued and Simucase ‘not just a job but a passion’


Remote work + kids at home: A day in the life during COVID-19

Sales marketing director Tiffany Ritz offers glimpse into virtual workday  


Every day is “bring your pet to work day” for 100% virtual continued team

continued team members on remote work + furry officemates  


Team continued: six sides to Heidi Proctor, customer experience specialist

‘Front line’ team member, caretaker of 30+ animals has heart for helping


Company commitment to wellness offers year-round support of 100% virtual workforce 

Health coaching, wellness reimbursement stipend, fitness trackers among continued’s wellness benefits


Milestones, friendship celebrated at 2019 company meeting 

As 2019 comes to a close, virtual workforce gathers together in Palm Springs, California