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Culture award recipients hold 'dedication to the values we all hold dear'

At Continued, we have built a team of dedicated, passionate individuals who keep culture at the forefront of all we do. 

In order to recognize team members who go above and beyond to exemplify our core values, we introduced a culture awards program to highlight these individuals who help us thrive as an organization. 

Culture awards are given on a quarterly basis through a peer-nominated process.  

Awards are based on exceptional demonstration of one or more of our core values: 

  • Be Reliable & Excellent
  • Communicate Openly & Effectively
  • Collaborate & Support Always
  • Act Like An Owner

Additionally, culture award recipients are recognized based on project achievements, innovations, system improvements, morale-building, and other culture-based considerations. 

Recipients are celebrated company-wide and receive a monetary award and custom memento. 

“We make culture our primary objective, and we are excited to recognize these award recipients who have been nominated by their colleagues for their dedication to the values we all hold dear,” said HR Director Asher Primrose.  





Erica Ligon presented culture award.Erica Ligon, who joined Continued sister company Simucase three years ago, is the manager for Simucase Supervision Services. This program provides customized virtual clinical and fieldwork experiences and helps faculty successfully integrate Simucase, an online learning platform, into their curriculum. 

Ligon coordinates and manages a team of supervisors who provide support and supervision to graduate students as they work through simulations on Simucase. She also works with subject-matter experts to develop simulations for Simucase’s speech-language pathology library. 

“I'm thrilled to be part of a team dedicated to enhancing the skills of future clinicians,” Ligon said. “I take pride in being part of such a supportive and collaborative group that values innovation and strives for excellence in everything they undertake.” 

"Erica truly understands what it means to work as a team and has this amazing ability to provide constructive criticism in a way that is actually constructive! She finds strengths in all that her coworkers and students do and works hard to help others see their strengths as well. Working with Erica is a true joy, and being on a team with her makes me a better person, team member, employee, and educator each and every day.”


Elanor Riley receives culture award.Elanor Riley currently serves as development manager for core systems. She joined the company in 2020 and has held a number of roles within the technology team. 

She’s been a web developer since the early 2000s and says her goal is to make systems that are intuitive and “just work.” 

“I love solving problems and helping my team meet their goals,” Riley said. “Most of all, building cool features for our customers to use and hearing positive feedback is amazing.”

"Elanor demonstrates incredible leadership in troubleshooting issues when they arise. She has been able to balance leadership with technical guidance to complete all of our projects on time. And her positive attitude is second to none!"


Tanya Velarde receives culture award.Tanya Velarde is Continued's customer experience manager, and there’s practically nothing in the company that she doesn’t touch. 

She’s been with Continued for more than 12 years as part of the customer experience team, which serves as the “front line” of contact for members with questions on everything from licensing to technology. Her team aims to provide the best customer experience by building rapport with members and treating each one as a valued individual.  

“I’ve always had a passion for helping others,” Velarde said. “My role is to provide my team with the resources they need to succeed so that our members have an excellent customer experience each time they make contact with us.”

"Tanya cares deeply about this company and all of the people in it, and it shows daily. She's always more than willing to go above and beyond when it comes to collaborating and supporting, both within the company and with our members. She's passionate about helping people, and it truly shows in how she interacts with everyone and what she is willing to do to ensure that whoever she's working with gets the highest level of support."


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