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Commitment to wellness: Company provides year-round support of 100% virtual workforce

Continued company meeting
Team-building wellness activities are a part of each all-company meeting, such as this bike tour at the 2023 gathering in Savannah, Georgia.

At Continued, we support and encourage a healthy and active lifestyle among our 100% remote workforce.

Health coaching, wellness-reimbursement stipends, and fitness trackers are among the multitude of resources and benefits provided to promote healthy activity levels across the organization. 

“We want to encourage and motivate our team members to focus on their overall health and wellness and support them in a healthy and active lifestyle,” said Asher Primrose, director of human resources.

“We believe—and the science shows—that these investments are not only highly impactful to the health of our team members, but they also increase team member engagement and retention.” 

“At Continued, team members are provided wellness resources and encouragement and don’t have to walk through their health journey alone.” — Amy Martin, human resources manager & certified health coach

These benefits start immediately upon hire, when team members receive up to $150 to use toward the fitness tracker of their choice.

In addition to this up-front incentive for fitness trackers, all team members receive up to $300 per calendar year to be used toward individual health and wellness expenses.  

The wellness-reimbursement program can be used in a variety of ways to best fit each person's definition of health and wellness. Gym memberships, standing desks and ergonomic office chairs, home exercise equipment, and massages are the most frequent uses of the stipend to date.

“Typing and using the mouse for hours on end were really taking a toll on me, so I used my wellness stipend to make ergonomic changes to my desk. These items, combined with increased mindfulness and stretching, have improved my pain and overall quality of life.”  — Wendy Brzozowski, sales manager for Simucase

Continued human resources manager Amy Martin is a certified health coach and provides free health coaching to team members and eligible family members.

Health coaching is designed to support enrollees in achieving their personal health goals, which can range from stress reduction and mindfulness to sleep improvement and weight loss. 

“Since my recent onboarding with Continued, I have been amazed at the scope of health and wellness resources available to me as a team member, and the company's dedication to and inclusion of this in its culture. I jumped at the chance to receive health coaching to help me stay on track with my personal health goals this year.” — Robin Rodig, copywriter

Continued company meetingSince the health coaching program’s inception, 78 Continued team members or family members have taken advantage of health coaching, with a combined 100+ goals met among the participants.

Team members also receive free access to Wellable, a virtual, holistic wellness portal with on-demand fitness classes, nutrition and sleep challenges, recipe planning, and more. 

Throughout the year, voluntary activity challenges are offered as a fun way to motivate team members to increase their activity. 

When the team joins in person for all-company meetings, wellness is always a component of the gatherings. Most recently at the 2023 all-company meeting in Savannah, Georgia, wellness breakout sessions were led by team members and included activities such as yoga, walking tours, and low-impact exercise. 

Continued company meetingContinued offers an incentive to encourage preventive care such as well check-ups, cancer screenings, vaccinations, and dental cleanings. Team members who invest in preventive screens are entered into a quarterly drawing for one of five $100 gift cards.  

Team member-contributed wellness forums are available on our company intranet, and we have Slack channels dedicated to wellness and meditation where people can share tips and have a dialogue around healthy living.

“At Continued, team members are provided wellness resources and encouragement and don’t have to walk through their health journey alone,” Martin said. “This level of support for employee wellbeing speaks volumes for the leadership of our company.”

Continued has been named a Great Place to Work-Certified™ company since 2018, a Best Workplace for Women, and a Best Workplace for Millennials. Continued was also recognized in the Outstanding Wellness Programs category of Ragan’s Workplace Wellness Awards.

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