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Milestones, friendship celebrated at 2019 company meeting 

2019 company meeting
Continued COO and Simucase CEO Stacy Williams congratulates team members for the year’s many accomplishments.

Team members from Continued and sister company Simucase recently gathered to celebrate a year of accomplishments at the all-company meeting, held this year in Palm Springs, California. 

This annual event brings the entire remote workforce to one location to recognize milestones and enjoy time together through a variety of special events. 

This year’s meeting marked the 20th anniversary of the company's first education website, AudiologyOnline, founded in 1999 by audiologist Aimee LaCalle and her husband, Bill. AudiologyOnline was the springboard for Continued's family of education websites—a family that is still growing. The list of professions Continued serves will grow in 2020, and Simucase is expanding from speech-language pathology to also provide simulated learning to occupational therapy and physical therapy students.

Team members also celebrated the company’s placement on this year’s list of Best Small Workplaces, moving up 18 spots from 2018 to take the sixth spot out of 50 companies featured by Great Place to Work® and FORTUNE

2019 company meeting

“To call it a ‘meeting’ is almost deceptive, since our time together is spent laughing and celebrating, eating, drinking, and dancing, and truly in the best company—with our company. The feeling of family and fun is undeniable. We don’t do handshakes—we do hugs. We share in each others’ accomplishments and gear up for another year worthy of celebration.” — Melissa Ruscitti, associate art director

2019 company meeting2019 company meeting

As part of the company’s robust wellness program, a half day was devoted to team-building fitness activities. Company wellness manager Amy Martin offered updates on the success of the recently launched company-wide health coaching benefit and wellness-reimbursement program. She then led the team in a series of stretches and exercises to kick off a step-building scavenger hunt throughout downtown Palm Springs. 

“After working at Continued for nearly five years, I still feel privileged every day to work with such a passionate and smart group of people. Getting together at the company meeting was like reuniting with old friends.” — Lyle Smart, quality assurance manager

2019 company meeting2019 company meeting

“Our gathering in Palm Springs was an incredible way to close the year and made me feel so thankful for the passion, talent, and personalities that each of our team members bring every single day.” — Tony Perlak, CEO

2019 company meetingEach team member enjoyed one of five offered excursions, including biking or hiking tours, a trolley to local breweries, a visit to the Palm Springs Air Museum, or a bus tour of celebrity homes. The meeting was capped off with a decades party featuring costumes of the '60s-'90s. 

“Our gathering in Palm Springs was an incredible way to close the year and made me feel so thankful for the passion, talent, and personalities that each of our team members bring every single day,” said CEO Tony Perlak. “The efforts of our team have resulted in a year of amazing accomplishment, and we are entering the new year with growth, momentum, a clear sense of purpose, and a thriving team that is quite simply unrivaled. But what makes me proudest of all is that we not only define our accomplishments by the success of our business but by the human achievements, compassion, and generosity of our team, which encapsulates the true measure of who we are.” 

The next all-company meeting will be held in San Antonio, Texas. 


2019 company meeting2019 company meeting

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