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'Front line' aims to provide exceptional customer experience 

continued's customer experience team interacts with thousands of members annually. As the front line of contact, there’s practically nothing in the company this team doesn’t touch.

They work with members to educate them about the company’s services and how our courses can meet their licensing and certification renewal needs. They also solve members' computer woes and build rapport by treating each caller as a valued individual.

Most of all, they pride themselves on providing the best customer experience for continued’s members.

“Our team is genuinely excited and happy to help people, and I think that shines through both internally and externally.” - Ronaldo Olivas

Customer experience team members are available to answer members' calls Monday through Friday from 8 am - 8 pm Eastern. They collaborate with teams across the organization including continuing education administration, editorial, and education technology, to address any question a member has regarding their CEUs and continued's family of online learning sites.

“As direct liaisons to our members, we feel like allies with the professionals who are navigating our product to advance in their career,” said Ronaldo Olivas, who leads continued's customer experience team as director of marketing and sales retention. “Our team is genuinely excited and happy to help people, and I think that shines through both internally and externally.”

During his tenure, Olivas has expanded the customer experience team to better serve continued's growing membership. As part of this growth, Olivas and other team members studied companies who are known for the way they treat their customers and adapted many of these best practices to serve continued's members. 

"Our team genuinely cares for our members, and they all take extreme pride in enhancing our members' experience from start to finish." - Tanya Velarde


The customer experience team facilitated more than 25,000 calls and replied to more than 12,000 member emails in 2019. Additionally, team members participated in more than 2500 live chats.

They also review many of the course evaluations received—last year's portion alone included more than 200,000 reviewed evaluations—to ensure member satisfaction and look for areas of improvement. 

"Our customer experience team is a group of carefully selected individuals who represent our company culture," said Tanya Velarde, continued's customer experience manager. "Our team genuinely cares for our members, and they all take extreme pride in enhancing our members' experience from start to finish. We don't follow scripts, and our agents have free rein to help our members as needed. These ingredients are a recipe for an incredible customer experience team!"


What fuels your desire to help others succeed with their continuing education? 

"Access to quality continuing education is vital to our members' livelihood. I am driven to help others succeed with their continuing education requirements because I am connecting them to new skills and knowledge that will enhance their careers and possibly open new doors for them. Navigating continuing education requirements can be intimidating. Being able to put someone's mind at ease and steer them in the right direction is fulfilling and rewarding." - Tina Bailey, senior customer experience specialist

What makes you most proud to work for continued?

"It makes me feel amazing to be part of something so meaningful. Continuing education is an important piece of our members’ livelihood. I am just happy when my members are happy and grateful that I am able to help them." - Liz Garcia, customer experience specialist

What do you think sets our customer experience apart? 

"We all recognize that continuing education is vital to our members, who all serve in ever-changing fields. We truly listen to our members’ feedback, both positive and negative. We want to make online continuing education a convenient and pleasant experience, which ultimately gives our members more time to focus on their lives." - Leanna Lopez, customer experience specialist

What do you enjoy most about your job?

"Loving this job came easy for me. Although I am new to the team, I can already see the impact and desire we have as a company to assist each member. I am proud to be part of a team that works together daily to serve people who are bettering themselves through continuing education." - Sydney Salazar, customer experience specialist

How do you build rapport with continued’s members? 

Tanya Velarde (left) with continued COO Stacy Williams and customer experience colleague Heidi Proctor at the 2018 company meeting in Atlanta. Velarde was recognized “for delighting our customers and never failing to do it all with a smile." Read more about Tanya here.
"Our team often provides the first human touch with our members, and we build rapport on many levels. We are readily available, and our priority is all about the customers’ needs. We work with them to feel confident, and we provide clarity to their questions. The tone and sincerity that our team provides creates a smile through the phone and makes members feel cared for and welcome to call us anytime. Over and over customers share their appreciation with us. We consider ourselves “customer experience specialist ninja warriors”—though our team is small, this approach and attitude makes us strong and mighty!" - Heidi Proctor, customer experience specialist

As a newer member of the team, what stands out to you that makes continued special? 

"Since joining the continued customer experience team, I have been welcomed with open arms. It truly feels more like a family than a workplace. Sharing my passion for providing an incredible member experience with a team of like-minded individuals has made coming to work every day a pleasure and a privilege. I am constantly in awe of the high level of customer service provided by each member of our team and see that reflected not only in our work but in the response we receive from our members on a daily basis." - Katrina Brandt, Customer Experience Specialist

How does it make you feel to know you’ve helped someone? 

"Our Customer Experience team consists of a handful of great individuals who truly want to help each member and take the time to do so. It is always rewarding to know we helped someone resolve an issue so they can continue about their day. It also is great when they send in the feedback thanking us later to remind us how happy they were to receive the help. I love feeling like I have made a difference." - Stacey Garcia, senior customer experience specialist

"I am proud of the overall experience that we offer our members. I believe that our continuing education courses are unmatched in quality, caliber, and value. In addition, we provide an unparalleled customer experience every step of the way." - Tina Bailey


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