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Meet occupational therapist and Continued member Lindsay Miller

Lindsay Miller, OTR/L, joins the Continued community from West Virginia, where she works as a traveling occupational therapist for a skilled nursing facility.

Throughout her career, she’s worked in a variety of settings, including home health, rehabilitation, acute care, and adult and pediatric outpatient care.

"Every person deserves a healthcare clinician that will advocate and fight for them."

Occupational therapist and continued member Lindsay MillerWhat do you like most about what you do?

I enjoy the challenge of understanding another person's reality. As an occupational therapist, I have the opportunity to enter a patient's world and experience how it's changed—be it over time or overnight—and help get them closer to what they want to achieve. 

Why are you passionate about your field?

I’m passionate about people and the psychosocial aspects that affect behavior combined with injury and illness. The challenge is real, and every person deserves a healthcare clinician that will advocate and fight for them. 

What value does online learning hold for you?

It’s incredible to be able to learn from the comfort of my own home, especially when living in remote areas.

What impact has Continued had on your ability to advance your training or apply new skills to your area of practice?

I am able to keep my license up-to-date throughout the year while having access to a variety of courses. I love that I can rewatch the videos and have them forever. It's so helpful when learning complex concepts and various techniques that aren’t easy to grasp the first time.

Thank you, Lindsay Miller, for being a part of our Continued story. 

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