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U.S. News & World Report releases 100 Best Jobs of 2024 

U.S. News & World Report released its 100 Best Jobs of 2024, and many of the professions Continued serves made the list! 

The rankings were based on median salary, unemployment rate, future job prospects, stress level, and work-life balance. 

Continued professions making the list include:

  • Speech-language pathologist (#10)
  • Occupational therapist (#19)
  • Physical therapist (#30)
  • Social and community service manager / social worker (#36)
  • Occupational therapy assistant (#44)
  • Physical therapist assistant (#46)
  • Respiratory therapist (#53)
  • Audiologist (#76)
  • Psychologist (#80)
  • Mental health counselor (#100)

See what some of our members have to say about why they love their jobs: 

The great privilege of my life

“I spend much of my day laughing with my clients and connecting with them over everything from the superficial to the most personal aspects of their lives. They trust me to help them feel better and live better, which is the great privilege of my life.” — Read more about physical therapist Emelia Brogna

Abundance of versatility, never mundane

“My job offers an abundance of versatility, which never allows for a mundane day. However, what doesn’t change is the light in a patient’s eye when he or she is able to get up from the couch for the first time, or take that first walk from the bed to the bathroom, or even sit on the edge of the bed for long periods of time without help—these are the things I love most about my job!” — Read more about physical therapist assistant Mitch Miller

Seeing the joy on someone's face

“I'm passionate about the field of occupational therapy because its primary purpose is to help others become as independent as they can be in skills that are relevant in their lives. There is nothing like seeing the joy on someone's face when they've achieved a new skill or overcome adversity or a challenge to their independence!” — Read more about occupational therapist Mary Wanta

Helping people in all aspects of life

“I love working as a member of a multidisciplinary team. Social work is a field that focuses on helping people in all aspects of life.” — Read more about social worker Suzette LaHaye Miller 

Empowering patients is gratifying

“I am passionate about speech-language pathology because of the difference I have seen it make in the lives of patients. Empowering patients of all ages to be successful communicators or to eat safely is very gratifying.” — Read more about speech-language pathologist Taylor Stewart

The most incredible feeling in the world

“Helping people hear is a great thing to do. When you see someone who is withdrawn, then you put hearing aids on them and all of a sudden they have things to say—it is the most incredible feeling in the world.” — Read more about audiologist Katie Harrington

Read about more of our members 

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