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Integration of Cannabis and Mental Health
Presented by Ashley McLimans, MS, LMHCP
Course: #1567Level: Introductory1.05 Hours
Cannabis has long been used to treat chronic health conditions. This webinar aims to provide education regarding cannabis and mental health. This webinar will explore the connection between our cannabinoid system and mental health systems and how social workers can support clients who actively use cannabis.

Navigating Burnout: Managing Your Own Stress While Taking Care of Others
Presented by Jenny Maenpaa, MSW, EdM, LCSW
Course: #1437Level: Introductory1.03 Hours
Navigating burnout examines the physical and psychological relationship tied to work and everyday life that can leave professionals feeling exhausted, stressed, depressed, and bored. Through psychoeducation and creating awareness, professionals can learn healthy coping mechanisms to manage burnout.

Social Work Practice with Older Adults and the Elderly
Presented by Gabrielle Juliano-Villani, MSW, LCSW
Course: #1266Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course explores common issues older adults face and the intersection of mental health disorders and chronic health conditions. Therapeutic interventions and techniques that are useful for working with population are discussed and applied to real-life case examples.

Working with Clients who Have Chronic Health Issues
Presented by Gabrielle Juliano-Villani, MSW, LCSW
Course: #1148Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course provides a working definition for chronic health issues and explores the intersection between mental health disorders and chronic health issues. This course will also use real-life case examples to demonstrate feasible interventions for working with clients with chronic health issues.

Breaking the Cycle of Stress: Stress Management Tools for Social Workers
Presented by Jessi Andricks, MS, CCC-SLP
Course: #112Level: Introductory1.23 Hours
As helping professionals, stress management and burnout prevention are key to lasting in the field and in our careers. In this course, you’ll learn how this stress triggers the “cycle of stress”, how to break this cycle and practical tools to help you better manage it on a daily basis.

Rethink Your Daily Routines to Reduce Stress
Presented by Jessi Andricks, MS, CCC-SLP
Course: #113Level: Introductory1.18 Hours
Daily schedules and routines are often set up in ways that build stress. In this webinar, you’ll learn strategies to rethink your daily routines and use them to reduce your stress.

Pain Management Part II: Managing Expectations and Exploring Treatment Options
Presented by Susan Holmes-Walker, PhD, RN
Course: #1841Level: Introductory1.5 Hours
This course will explore the pieces of the quality pain management puzzle in managing patients' expectations of pain. In addition, pharmacological and non-pharmacological pain treatment options will be discussed.

Pain Management I: Introducing the Pieces of the Quality Pain Management Puzzle
Presented by Susan Holmes-Walker, PhD, RN
Course: #1839Level: Introductory1.28 Hours
This course is intended to improve understanding of the relationship between quality pain assessment and pain management for Social Work professionals. A review of the literature and lessons learned from clinical practice will inform the lecture.

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