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Hormone Cycle and Mental Health: Clinical Considerations
Presented by Lily Ostler, MSW, LMSW
Live WebinarMon, Feb 13, 2023 at 2:30 pm EST
Course: #1569Level: Intermediate1.02 Hours
Hormone cycles are tied to mental health and can impact a person's functionality. This webinar explores the body's hormone cycle, the impact of hormonal changes on mental health, and clinical interventions.

Trauma-Informed Self-Care
Presented by Tami J. Micsky, DSW, MSSA, LSW, CT
Live WebinarWed, Feb 15, 2023 at 2:00 pm EST
Course: #1703Level: Intermediate1.02 Hours
Burnout, compassion fatigue, and secondary and vicarious trauma are critical risk factors associated with social work practice. This webinar will explore tools to assess trauma-informed self-care practices and organizational resources and supports. In addition, this webinar focuses on how social workers can create an effective trauma-informed self-care plan.

Post-Separation Abuse: Supporting Survivors After Escaping Domestic Violence
Presented by Sybil Cummin, MA, LPC, ACS
Live WebinarWed, Mar 1, 2023 at 2:00 pm EST
Course: #1704Level: Intermediate1.02 Hours
"Just leave, and you'll be safe." This widely held misconception that abuse ends after a victim leaves a domestic violence situation places these survivors and their families at risk. This webinar focuses on what you can do to support survivors of domestic violence, mitigate the abuse that continues after they have left the relationship, and heal in the aftermath.

Intimate Partner Violence: Black Men as Allies Podcast
Presented by Stephenie Howard, PhD, LCSW, Benjamin T. Bencomo, DSW, LISW, LCSW
Course: #1690Level: Intermediate1.03 Hours
The understanding of intimate partner violence (IPV) has evolved over time, and based on what we know about IPV; it is essential to include men in IPV work. This course explores Black men as allies in IPV work. This is part of the Continued Learning Podcast series.

Identifying and Treating Gambling Disorder Podcast
Presented by Benjamin T. Bencomo, DSW, LISW, LCSW, Heather Bridges Moshier, MBA, CAADC, LSW
Course: #1686Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Gambling disorder is recognized in the DSM-5 as a persistent and recurrent problematic gambling behavior that leads to impairment. This podcast will explore gambling disorder, the implicit bias associated with gambling disorder, assessment, and treatment. This is part of the Continued Learning Podcast series.

Identifying and Addressing Weight Stigma in Healthcare, the Therapist's Role
Presented by Janette Marsac, MSW, LMSW, RDN
Course: #1564Level: Intermediate1.03 Hours
In today's global culture, there are stigmas associated with weight that prevent treatment and proper healthcare. This course aims to build awareness among mental health professionals to support promoting progressive initiatives to ensure weight stigma does not interfere with access to healthcare.

Advanced Body-Based Interventions: Embodiment Practices in Psychotherapy
Presented by Kara Cross, MSW, LMSW, RYT
Course: #1592Level: Advanced1.02 Hours
Embodiment in psychotherapy is a valuable intervention for helping clients to make the connection between the mind and body. This webinar explores the theoretical foundations of embodiment, its benefits, and how best to incorporate embodiment practices into therapy.

Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma: Recognition, Prevention, and Long-term Impact
Presented by Alison D. Peak, LCSW, IMH-E
Course: #1602Level: Intermediate1.5 Hours
This course provides information on signs, symptoms, and prevention efforts to address Pediatric Abusive Head Trauma (PAHT).

Integration of Cannabis and Mental Health
Presented by Ashley McLimans, MS, LMHCP
Course: #1567Level: Introductory1.05 Hours
Cannabis has long been used to treat chronic health conditions. This webinar aims to provide education regarding cannabis and mental health. This webinar will explore the connection between our cannabinoid system and mental health systems and how social workers can support clients who actively use cannabis.

Intermediate Body-Based Interventions: Deepening Connection and Promoting Regulation
Presented by Kara Cross, MSW, LMSW, RYT
Course: #1558Level: Intermediate1.05 Hours
Using body-based interventions helps to move therapy beyond talking. This webinar explores the mind-body connection and the integration of mind-body techniques in a therapeutic setting.

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