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National Work From Home Week: Take a peek into Continued team members’ virtual offices 

Amy Martin
Human resources manager and health coach Amy Martin took work on the road and spent most of a year traveling the United States in an RV with her husband and son.

The second week in October is National Work From Home Week, which recognizes the millions of people in the United States who work remotely. 

At Continued, we’ve been virtual since the company’s inception in 1999.

As pioneers in the virtual workplace, Continued team members work remotely from home offices across the United States.

“No commute means more time to give yourself, your family, and your overall health and wellness—and that means a less stressful existence.” — Asher Primrose

continued team members work from home offices across the country
Many Continued team members work alongside their pets, including accounting specialist Linda Chittum.
This workforce design has allowed the company to grow without geographic limitations, which adds to the talent, expertise, and diversity of the team.

It also allows our employees to shed the constraints of the traditional office setting and spend more time doing what they enjoy outside of work.

“Before joining Continued, many of us endured long commutes, worked excessively long hours, or spent too much time away from our families,” said HR director Asher Primrose.

“Joining the Continued team changed that and marked a positive shift in our lives. No commute means more time to give yourself, your family, and your overall health and wellness—and that means a less stressful existence.”

In recognition of National Work from Home Week, here’s a peek into some of the Continued team members’ workspaces:

Jennifer Wetzel's home office    Leigha Jansen working at her lake cabin

LEFT: Senior communications manager Jennifer Wetzel was one of many Continued team members with kids schooling at home during the pandemic. She converted the closet by her desk into an adjoining workspace for her second grader. RIGHT: Leigha Jansen, Continued’s educational technology director, often works from her lake cabin in Minnesota.

Tiffany Grant's daughter    Joanne Slater's dog, Jake.    Megan Korcerk

LEFT: Account manager Tiffany Grant joined the Continued team shortly after her daughter, Mackenzie, was born, which allows her to contribute to the education field while also being a more present mother. MIDDLE: Joanne Slater, director of CE administration, always has her golden retriever rescue, Jake, by her side. She believes that not having to face rush hour traffic has probably added years to her life. RIGHT: Senior graphic designer Megan Kocurek works alongside her dog, Ava.   

Heidi Proctor   Jordan Kuntz

LEFT: Sales marketing coordinator Heidi Proctor commuted three hours a day before joining Continued. Working remotely gives her more time to care for her many rescued or physically challenged animals, including nine rabbits. RIGHT: Copywriter Jordan Kuntz recently set out in an RV and will live and work on the road while traveling the U.S.


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