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Culturally Competent Sexual Health Assessment: Best Practices and Ethical Guidelines
Presented by Giselle Levin, PsyD
Course: #2186Level: Intermediate2.02 Hours
This course provides mental health providers with guidelines and ethical considerations for confidently addressing sexual health assessments and counseling patients on safe sexual practices. It covers the 7 P's of sexual health assessment, cultural competency for diverse populations, and practical strategies for promoting sexual health practices and managing sexually transmitted infections.

Understanding the Needs of Immigrant Students
Presented by Stephanie Carnes, PhD, MSW, LCSW, LL.M
Course: #2107Level: Intermediate1.02 Hours
U.S. public schools are experiencing unprecedented diversity, marked by a notable increase in Spanish-speaking immigrant students. Despite their unique cultural contributions, these students face systemic challenges impacting their well-being and academic success; this course is designed to familiarize participants with their experiences and equip them with strategies to enhance the educational environment for this demographic.

Parent-Child Relationship Assessments: A Review of Ethical Considerations and Assessment Tool Selection
Presented by Karalynn Royster, PsyD
Course: #2189Level: Introductory2.03 Hours
This course supports participants' knowledge in familiarizing and ascertaining practical skills to conduct parent-child relationship evaluations and screening using a blend of informal and formal assessment tools. This knowledge will further empower participants to contribute effectively to the well-being of children, facilitate treatment planning using the dynamics of parent-child relationships, and review ethical considerations for assessing this population. This course focuses on early and middle childhood.

Racism and Mental Health
Presented by Sophie Nathenson, PhD
Course: #2141Level: Intermediate1.03 Hours
This course reviews disparities in mental health outcomes by race, focusing on race as a social construction and a social determinant of health. Research is presented on the impact of racism on mental health, occurring at interpersonal, cultural, and institutional levels. Clinical and policy-level recommendations are discussed that have the potential to address the detrimental effects of discrimination on mental health.

Ethical Interventions in Working with Immigrant and Refugee Clients
Presented by Rachel Singer, PhD
Course: #2139Level: Intermediate2.03 Hours
By the very nature of their flight from hardship, refugees experience high rates of mental health disorders, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD. Recognizing the particular vulnerability of this population, it is imperative that clinicians are adequately prepared to provide ethical and culturally competent treatment using evidence-based interventions. This course will identify potential ethical concerns that may arise in treating this population, and further investigate strategies for mitigating these challenges, and it will further provide an overview of multicultural components for providing clinical support for immigrant, refugee, and asylee clients.

Ethics and Implicit Bias in Health Care: Exploring the Process of Acknowledging, Accepting, and Addressing Implicit Bias
Presented by Susan Holmes-Walker, PhD, RN
Course: #2061Level: Introductory1.02 Hours
Behavior health professionals are not immune from implicit bias. This course aims to support medical and behavioral health providers in acknowledging these biases exist, accepting that they can negatively impact/influence care, and addressing the root causes to prevent them from leading to unempathetic care to the people we provide care. It additionally explores ethical considerations for implicit bias.

Ethics of Interpreter Mediated Psychotherapy in Gender Affirming Care
Presented by Mandy Simmons
Course: #2154Level: Intermediate2.07 Hours
This course will discuss the ethical and clinical implications of utilizing interpreters when conducting gender-affirming psychotherapy for people whose primary language differs from the clinician, especially when the clinician’s primary language is English. The course assumes that attendees have a basic level of understanding of gender-affirming care for gender and sexual minorities (GSM). The presentation will address cultural and linguistic considerations, as well as recommendations for interprofessional collaboration, delivery of psychotherapy, and institutional-level policies for organizations. There will be brief recommendations for future research discussed, as well.

Infant Mental Health with Latino Immigrants Podcast
Presented by Sherrie Segovia, Psy.D, Benjamin T. Bencomo, DSW, LISW, LCSW
Course: #2034Level: Introductory1.02 Hours
In this podcast, we hear from Dr. Sherrie Segovia, on infant mental health and best practices for working to address infant mental health needs of Latino Immigrants. This is part of the Continued Learning Podcast series.

Implicit Bias: Research and Tools
Presented by Katrinna Mathews, DSW, MEd, LAPSW, Anna Smith, MS, Leigha Jansen, EdD, CCC-A
Course: #1612Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Implicit bias training is an important first step in understanding the complexities of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in healthcare. This course will discuss the current research on implicit biases and what interventions organizations can do to combat and dismantle implicit bias.

Managing Implicit Bias for Healthcare Excellence
Presented by Anna Smith, MS, Katrinna Mathews, DSW, MEd, LAPSW
Course: #1610Level: Intermediate2 Hours
Implicit bias training is an important first step in understanding the complexities of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in healthcare. This course covers what implicit biases are, how they impact health professionals, and interventions health practitioners can use to address them.

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