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The Ethics of Social Work Practice with Videoconferencing and Other Technology
Presented by Allan Barsky, JD, MSW, PhD
Live WebinarWed, Feb 8, 2023 at 2:00 pm EST
Course: #1698Level: Advanced1.02 Hours
Social workers use a broad range of technology in practice, including videoconferencing, electronic records, text-based communication, avatars, biofeedback, and artificial intelligence. This workshop focuses on identifying and managing informed consent, confidentiality, competence, boundaries, access to services, social justice, and other ethical issues that may arise when using various types of technology.

Virtue Ethics in Social Work Practice: Nurturing and Employing Moral Qualities For a Flourishing Practice
Presented by Allan Barsky, JD, MSW, PhD
Course: #1679Level: Intermediate1.02 Hours
Social work ethics is not just about following the code of ethics or making specific decisions to resolve specific ethical issues, but rather, how to live ethics throughout one’s professional interactions and practice. This webinar demonstrates how social workers can use virtues such as caring, honesty, fidelity, and moral strength to guide their practice and interactions with clients, family members, co-professionals, and community members.

Dual Relationships, Conflicts of Interest, and Professional Boundaries in Social Work Practice
Presented by Allan Barsky, JD, MSW, PhD
Live WebinarWed, Mar 8, 2023 at 2:00 pm EST
Course: #1699Level: Intermediate1.02 Hours
Licensing infractions, professional review complaints, and malpractice lawsuits against social workers are often related to boundary issues, conflicts of interest, and dual relationships. This webinar identifies situations that give rise to these risks and provides practical guidelines for guarding against these risks and maintaining ethical relationships with clients.

A Futurist Approach to Social Work Ethics: Proactive, Creative, and Aspirational Strategies
Presented by Allan Barsky, JD, MSW, PhD
Course: #1568Level: Intermediate1.08 Hours
Ethics training typically focuses on how to respond to ethical issues that have arisen in the past or ethical issues affecting current social work practice. This webinar provides a futurist approach to ethics, providing social workers and allied professionals with strategies to anticipate, prepare for, and take proactive steps regarding ethical issues arising in the coming months and years.

Involuntary Hospitalization: Ethical Considerations for Social Workers
Presented by Jennifer Robertson, MSW, LCSW, RSW
Course: #1539Level: Intermediate1.02 Hours
Social workers are on the front lines of psychiatric emergencies and need to be prepared to make ethical decisions. This course discusses the impact, ethics, and the role social workers play in involuntary hospitalizations and in protecting vulnerable populations.

Ethics of Vaccinations, Mask Mandates, Client Self-Determination, and Safety in Social Work Practice
Presented by Allan Barsky, JD, MSW, PhD
Course: #1529Level: Advanced1.1 Hours
In the age of COVID, it is imperative social work practitioners understand the ethical issues related to vaccinations, mask mandates, client self-determination, and safety. This course explores ethical considerations, developing policies, and engaging in constructive problem-solving.

Therapeutic Relationship Ethics: Adapting in Our Modern World - Teletherapy and Self Disclosure
Presented by Lily Ostler, MSW, LMSW
Course: #1494Level: Intermediate1.02 Hours
Social work is grounded in ethics. This course explores social work's code of ethics and implications for therapeutic relationships. In addition, this course covers the history of therapeutic relationship ethics and defines current changes in practice. This course also provides insight into how both the use of teletherapy and self-disclosure have changed in the modern therapeutic world.

Interest-Based Mediation: A Collaborative Approach to Managing Conflict
Presented by Allan Barsky, JD, MSW, PhD
Course: #1416Level: Intermediate1.03 Hours
Social workers encounter conflict with individual clients, families, groups, coworkers, supervisors, and others in a range of contexts. This course is designed to help social workers act as mediators and manage conflict in a manner that focuses on interests, builds collaboration, and energizes people to commit to positive change.

Narrative Ethics: A Storied Approach to Ethical Decision Making With Clients
Presented by Allan Barsky, JD, MSW, PhD
Course: #1378Level: Intermediate1.1 Hours
People’s lives tend to be much more complex than deductive approaches suggest. This workshop helps participants learn to engage clients and colleagues in richer, more meaningful discussions through the lens of narrative ethics.

Teleology: An Outcome-based Approach to Ethical Decision-making with Clients
Presented by Allan Barsky, JD, MSW, PhD
Course: #1357Level: Intermediate1.3 Hours
In this workshop, participants learn how to apply teleology, an approach to managing challenging ethical issues by exploring options for solutions and choosing the option that has the “best consequences”. In this workshop, participants also learn how to engage clients, coworkers, and supervisees in collaborative discussions using conflict resolution and a problem-solving approach for ethical dilemmas related to self-determination, informed consent, conflict of interest, documentation, client abandonment, safety, and cultural humility.

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