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Exam Preview

Balancing the Classroom Canoe

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1.  Which is NOT considered a built environment?
  1. Houses
  2. Schools
  3. Fishing hole
  4. Office buildings
2.  What does space in a classroom have the power to influence?
  1. How we behave
  2. What we say
  3. What we do
  4. All of the above
3.  What is one benefit of knowing engagement levels in a classroom?
  1. Eliminate unused areas
  2. Reduce or increase size of areas
  3. Create new areas
  4. Change the classroom schedule
4.  What is one benefit of knowing equipment usage in a classroom?
  1. Put popular centers in the same quadrants
  2. Know exactly what kind of furniture to purchase
  3. Remove any furniture the children don’t like
  4. Determine the overlap of furniture and children
5.  Which is a classroom balance tip given by the presenter?
  1. Eliminate or reposition furniture
  2. Increase the amount of shelving
  3. Place all loud centers together
  4. Repaint the walls

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