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Exam Preview

Alphabetic Principles, Dyslexia, and Phonemic Awareness in Early Childhood Education

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1.  What are the two best predictors of early reading success?
  1. being read to at home and strong vocabulary
  2. sight words and being read to at home
  3. singing and talking to children
  4. alphabet recognition and phonemic awareness
2.  When does phonological awareness meet the alphabetic principle?
  1. when students learn to make all the sounds
  2. when students can identify all the sounds
  3. when students are instructed that a specific sound is represented by a specific symbol
  4. when students can sing the ABC song
3.  Which of the following should be said when teaching the alphabetic principle?
  1. Do --- and --- sound the same or different?
  2. Which word does not start with ---?
  3. I spy something with the “---” sound.
  4. All of the above
4.  What is the youngest age precursors for dyslexia are found in children?
  1. three
  2. four
  3. five
  4. six
5.  What is the number one characteristic of dyslexia?
  1. “b” and “d” letter reversals
  2. speech difficulties
  3. family history of reading difficulties
  4. trouble with rhyming

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