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Exam Preview

Safe Environments During COVID-19

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1.  What did the presenter recommend regarding footwear in childcare?
  1. Take off shoes when you enter the building
  2. Take off shoes when you enter the classroom
  3. Put shoe covers over your shoes
  4. Spray or wipe children and staff member's shoes with EPA-approved disinfectant product
2.  Which of the following is NOT an effective disinfectant?
  1. Isopropyl alcohol
  2. Vinegar
  3. Bleach solution
  4. Ethyl alcohol
3.  Which of the following was NOT recommended regarding nutrition services?
  1. Have parents send lunch and snacks with children daily
  2. Serve healthy meals and snacks to meet children’s nutritional needs
  3. Modify “family style” to staff-only serving of food
  4. Provide space between children at tables
4.  How should water be provided to children?
  1. Teachers provide a large container and self-serve cups for children to fill and drink from
  2. Parents send disposable water bottles daily
  3. Water fountains
  4. Teachers provide water in disposable cups
5.  What is one way to teach children to stay safe during COVID?
  1. Encourage them to only play with one child
  2. Teach them to practice social distancing
  3. Provide only hand sanitizer instead of washing hands
  4. Teach them to avoid playing with other children