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Communication as a Key to Classroom Success
Presented by Jennifer Romanoff, MA
Course: #31587Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Learn about the benefits of having open, honest communication with both co-workers and parents. Receive tips on conducting difficult conversations and ways in which we can ensure the children receive the best care we can offer through partnering together.

A Father's Place: The Importance of Male Involvement in Early Childhood Development, in partnership with Region 9 Head Start Association
Presented by J. Neil Tift, BA, MA
Course: #31566Level: Introductory1 Hour
Strategies are presented that promote and support male involvement in early childhood development by examining 15 components of paternal instincts. This course is presented in partnership with Region 9 Head Start Association's Training West.

Let's All Get Ready for Kindergarten!
Presented by Angèle Sancho Passe, BS, MA
Course: #31537Level: Introductory1 Hour
Participants will study kindergarten readiness from the perspective of children, parents, and early educators. They will explore specific activities to help children transition to kindergarten.

Teaching Beyond Bars
Presented by Quniana Futrell, BS, MEd, EdS
Course: #31539Level: Introductory1 Hour
Teaching Beyond Bars is a course fit for those who work with children that have a parent incarcerated and unsure how they can be a resource. This interactive course teaches you how to address that uncomfortable and sensitive topic of incarceration with ease and confidence.

Working with Diverse Families and Coworkers
Presented by Anarella Cellitti, PhD, Sara Pullen, DPT, MPH
Course: #31431Level: Intermediate2 Hours
This course will explore working with diverse families and colleagues, specifically Latino families and LGBTQ families. During this course, learners will discover potential barriers, and actionable inclusion strategies, to create welcoming, culturally sensitive environments for all children and families.

Family Engagement for Children with Disabilities and/or Special Health Care Needs
Presented by Amanda Schwartz, PhD
Course: #31414Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Families of children with disabilities and/or special health care needs work with many different providers and require individualized approaches. Participate in this session to learn more about the everyday context of these families and strategies to engage them in your classroom or program.

Broaching the Topic of Race: Engagement with Children and Families Across Racial and Cultural Divides
Presented by Marva Lewis, PhD
Course: #31408Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Participants will be introduced to simple strategies and tools for broaching the topic of race with children and families. These can be used in reflective supervision by clinical supervisors, lead teachers, program managers, and executive directors to engage with children on the topic of race in a developmentally effective way and to talk with families about race-related topics.

Cultural Competence With Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, and Questioning Individuals
Presented by Sara Pullen, DPT, MPH
Course: #31407Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course will examine cultural competence for providing safe, welcoming environments and workplaces for LGBTQ families, employees, and co-workers. It will provide specific strategies for schools and employers to ensure a respectful and supportive work environment for LGBTQ individuals.

Routines-Based Intervention & Caregiver Coaching
Presented by Stacey Landberg, MS, CCC-SLP
Course: #31397Level: Intermediate1 Hour
This course will describe the evidence, the challenges, and the practice of using everyday activities and routines as a context for family-centered early intervention. Participants will learn where routines-based intervention (RBI) & coaching falls within the larger framework of family-centered services and obtain new tools for implementing RBI immediately.

Families As Partners - Making Family Engagement Truly Meaningful & Authentic
Presented by Luis Hernandez, MA
Course: #31358Level: Introductory1 Hour
At the heart of our profession is the power of meaningful and positive relationships with each family. We understand and know that all learning begins with families and home life.