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Alphabetic Principles, Dyslexia, and Phonemic Awareness in Early Childhood Education
Presented by Angie Neal, MS, CCC-SLP
Course: #32093Level: Intermediate2 Hours
Learn how early childhood educators can use phonological awareness and the Alphabetic Principle to identify reading difficulties, including dyslexia, and use unique strategies for teaching MORE than just the 26 letters!

Understanding the Needs of Early Learners who are Blind or Visually Impaired
Presented by Isabel S. Chica, MS
Course: #32069Level: Introductory1 Hour
Receive information and learn about accommodations appropriate for children with visual impairments.

Dyslexia and the Early Childhood Educator
Presented by Angie Neal, MS, CCC-SLP
Course: #32082Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Learn how early childhood educators play an essential role in recognizing, supporting, reducing, or even eliminating the severe reading problems that characterize dyslexia.

The Alphabetic Principle Is About More Than Just 26 Letters
Presented by Angie Neal, MS, CCC-SLP
Course: #32079Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Learn a new way to think about teaching the ABCs, including how phonological awareness plays a critical role in the Alphabetic Principle, why knowledge of the Alphabet is a good screening tool for reading difficulties, and unique strategies for teaching MORE than just the 26 letters!

Social-Emotional Development Theories and the Early Childhood Classroom
Presented by Miriam Eckstein-Koas, MS, SpEd
Course: #32022Level: Introductory1 Hour
Learn about Erik Erikson’s theory of psychosocial development and Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and how these two theories apply to our work with young children.

Speech and Language Basics: When to Refer?
Presented by Tonya R. Hayes, MEd, Speech-Language Pathology Assistant
Course: #31991Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Learn about the top red flags all early-care professionals should know regarding speech and language development. This course will help professionals identify delays and alert parents when a referral to a speech-language pathologist is needed.

Ready and Resilient: Promoting the Resilience of Children and Adults
Presented by Nefertiti B. Poyner, EdD
Course: #32009Level: Introductory1 Hour
Each day, children and adults rely upon strong social-emotional skills as we navigate various life experiences. Learn strategies to support the resilience and social-emotional well-being of children and adults in this reflective course.

Home Visitors Supporting Parents in Potty Training
Presented by Karen Deerwester, EdS
Course: #31988Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Home visitors can help parents as they potty train young children. Participants are guided through the readiness characteristics needed for successful potty learning and best practices to support children and families.

Nursery Rhymes and Poetry to Build Language
Presented by Lauren Starnes, PhD, EdD
Course: #31980Level: Intermediate1 Hour
This course explores the rich language opportunities provided through nursery rhymes and poetry. With enriched vocabulary, rhyme, and rhythm, you will learn how nursery rhymes and poetry and can ignite language growth in young children.

Increasing Motivation and Participation of Young Children for Home Visitors
Presented by Amy Schlessman, DPT, DHS
Course: #31966Level: Introductory1 Hour
Home visitors will learn how to motivate young children and provide effective praise. Strategies to enhance motivation in the home will be provided along with many resources for developing a participation tool kit for home use.