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Home Visiting Safety, in partnership with Region 9 Head Start Association
Presented by Stacy Brown, BA
Course: #31998Level: Introductory1 Hour
Learn about the importance of safety in home visiting, including actions you can take to prepare for safety before, during, and after visits. Also, learn about safety concerns which may arise during the home visiting process.

Home Visitors Supporting Parents in Potty Training
Presented by Karen Deerwester, EdS
Course: #31988Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Home visitors can help parents as they potty train young children. Participants are guided through the readiness characteristics needed for successful potty learning and best practices to support children and families.

Resilient Leadership: Building Staff Bounce
Presented by Rachel Wagner, MSW
Course: #31984Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Explore what it means to be a resilient leader who can foster a culture of resilience for staff, children, and yourself!

Nursery Rhymes and Poetry to Build Language
Presented by Lauren Starnes, PhD, EdD
Course: #31980Level: Intermediate1 Hour
This course explores the rich language opportunities provided through nursery rhymes and poetry. With enriched vocabulary, rhyme, and rhythm, you will learn how nursery rhymes and poetry can ignite language growth in young children.

Home Visitors: Healthy Eating for Young Children
Presented by Charlotte Hendricks, PhD
Course: #31974Level: Introductory1 Hour
Learn about healthy eating as it relates to young children and how to share information with families, including nutritional needs for various age groups and food safety considerations.

Standard Precautions and Bloodborne Pathogens
Presented by Charlotte Hendricks, PhD
Course: #31978Level: Introductory1 Hour
Early childhood providers are at risk of occupational exposure to blood or other blood-containing body fluids. In this course, learn about Standard Precautions, the minimum infection prevention practices to prevent the spread of bloodborne diseases.

Virtual Learning - Running A Distance Learning Program
Presented by Ria Simon, RECE
Course: #31969Level: Introductory1 Hour
Learn how to run and set up for virtual learning in an early childhood education space.

Increasing Motivation and Participation of Young Children for Home Visitors
Presented by Amy Schlessman, DPT, DHS
Course: #31966Level: Introductory1 Hour
Home visitors will learn how to motivate young children and provide effective praise. Strategies to enhance motivation in the home will be provided along with many resources for developing a participation tool kit for home use.

Taming the Dragon of Family Substance Use Disorder: The Magic of Resilience and Play
Presented by Stephanie Goloway, EdD
Course: #31959Level: Intermediate1 Hour
One in four children lives with family substance use disorder, also known as alcoholism or addiction. Examine the impact of the disease on young children and learn research-based and classroom-friendly ways to promote resilience and positive outcomes for all.

Reducing Conflict Within Teams, in partnership with Region 9 Head Start Association
Presented by Deidre Harris, MEd, CPC
Course: #31948Level: Introductory1 Hour
Learn about common reasons behind team conflict and strategies for overcoming them. Presented in partnership with Region 9 Head Start Association's Training West.

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