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Exam Preview

Bed Bugs, Pinworms, and Others, Oh My!

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1.  How do head lice travel among children?
  1. Touching heads during play
  2. Sharing hats
  3. Sharing a bed
  4. All of the above
2.  How long should children with pinworms be excluded?
  1. For 3 days
  2. For a week
  3. Until the first treatment is completed
  4. Until no pinworm eggs are found
3.  When inspecting for bed bugs, where do you NOT find them?
  1. On mattresses
  2. Behind wall outlet covers
  3. Under carpeting near baseboards
  4. On children
4.  Which of the following requires treating the environment to kill the pests?
  1. Head lice
  2. Bed bugs
  3. Pinworms
  4. Scabies
5.  Which of the following causes an itchy rash?
  1. Head lice
  2. Bed bugs
  3. Pinworms
  4. Scabies mites

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