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Exam Preview

Running a Childcare Center During COVID-19

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1.  Which of the following was recommended for drop-off or check-in of children to minimize contact?
  1. Only staff wear masks
  2. Schedule drop-off and pick-up times
  3. Place cones to identify 4 feet distance
  4. Have families bring children to their classroom
2.  Which of the following was NOT suggested as a way to communicate with families?
  1. Schedule regular virtual meetings with each family to discuss progress
  2. Provide families with access to teacher's and/or director's email or text number
  3. Send written notes home daily in a backpack
  4. Post information at drop-off area with large, waterproof message boards
3.  What did the presenter recommend to minimize outside personnel coming into the facility?
  1. No outside vendors inside facility (e.g., meal service)
  2. Only allow one or two volunteers at a time
  3. Make sure it is the same person from a company that comes each time
  4. Ensure all volunteers wear a mask
4.  How should water be provided to children?
  1. Teachers provide a large container and self-serve cups for children to fill and drink from
  2. Parents send disposable water bottles daily
  3. Teachers provide water in reusable water bottles
  4. Teachers provide water in disposable cups
5.  Which of the following should be removed from classrooms to facilitate cleaning?
  1. Soft or fabric toys
  2. Plastic blocks
  3. Books
  4. Play dishes