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Exam Preview

Safe and Healthy Sleep for Infants and Young Children, in partnership with Region 9 Head Start Association

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1.  To reduce the risk of SIDS, what is the best sleeping position for an infant up to 1 year of age?
  1. On their tummy
  2. On their side
  3. On their back
  4. With their head elevated
2.  If an infant falls asleep in a safety seat, what should you do?
  1. Let him sleep in the safety seat
  2. Tickle him until he wakes up
  3. Move him to his crib to continue sleeping
  4. Rock the safety seat so he stays asleep
3.  Which of the following items is recommended in a crib?
  1. Fitted crib sheet
  2. Bumper pads
  3. Baby quilt
  4. Sleep toy
4.  What is the best way to keep a sleeping infant warm?
  1. Swaddle the infant
  2. Dress the infant in footed pajamas
  3. Tuck a small blanket around the infant
  4. Turn the room heat up to 75 degrees F or higher
5.  How often should cribs and bedding be cleaned and disinfected?
  1. Weekly
  2. When soiled
  3. Between use by different children
  4. All the above
6.  Which of the following is NOT acceptable for toddler and preschooler naptime?
  1. Cot or bed
  2. Cloth mats or sleeping bag
  3. Bare floor or floor cooler than 65 degrees
  4. Small pillow or sleep toy
7.  How should cots/mats be placed during naptime?
  1. At least 3’ apart, head-to-toe
  2. At least 3’ apart, all facing same direction
  3. At least 1’ apart, head-to-toe
  4. At least 1’ apart, all facing same direction
8.  Which of the following is NOT recommended for cot/mat placement?
  1. Easy access between cots/mats
  2. Clear pathway to emergency exit
  3. Screens to separate children
  4. Clear visibility of each child
9.  Where should you store children’s sheets or blankets after naptime?
  1. Leave it on the cot; stack cots for storage
  2. Put them in children’s individual cubbies
  3. Fold and put them all in one storage bin
  4. Hang them on coat hooks
10.  If using a bleach solution, how often should it be made?
  1. Monthly
  2. Weekly
  3. Twice a day
  4. Daily