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Exam Preview

Home Visiting Essentials, in partnership with Region 9 Head Start Association

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1.  Which of these competencies is preferred in a Home Visitor?
  1. A degree in Business Management
  2. Home decorating skills
  3. Knowledge of photography
  4. Effective communication and motivational interviewing skills
2.  Which of the following is an appropriate way to build relationships with families?
  1. Spending time with a family at the beach when off-duty
  2. Babysitting the children so parents can go out to dinner
  3. Working through differences and challenging situations
  4. Focusing only on the child during home visits
3.  Building positive relationships with families may lead to better outcomes in other areas of home visiting including which of the following?
  1. Meeting health goals
  2. Building leadership skills
  3. Building advocacy skills
  4. All of the above
4.  How can families help build home visitor competencies and skills?
  1. Provide feedback
  2. Attend parent meetings
  3. Ask lots of questions
  4. They can't
5.  Which of these is most helpful in supporting children in learning skills to engage with others and succeed in different learning environments?
  1. Nurturing and responsive relationships with caregivers
  2. Expensive toys
  3. Attending preschool
  4. Using flash cards
6.  Social development refers to the developing capacity of the child to do which of the following?
  1. Be the leader of all peer play activities
  2. Give their toys away when asked
  3. Create and sustain meaningful relationships with adults and other children
  4. Attend all birthday parties they are invited to
7.  What is true about the observation of children?
  1. Only home visitors should conduct observations
  2. Learning to observe children only takes place in college courses
  3. Observations should be objective and focused
  4. Observations should always have an element of opinion
8.  Which of these is a strategy to support families during challenging times?
  1. Go three weeks between visits so the family can relax
  2. Identify and build on the family’s strengths and core relationships
  3. Inform what the family is doing wrong in the situation
  4. Put aside all family goals to work on later
9.  Which of these is most true of child mental health?
  1. The mental health of parents can impact the mental health of their children
  2. Challenging behavior is not an area of child mental health
  3. Only a psychiatrist can screen for child mental health
  4. The mental health of parents does not impact the mental health of their children
10.  Which of the following is a topic to best support child and family nutrition?
  1. Providing the family with coupons for the local fast-food restaurants
  2. The importance of family mealtimes
  3. The importance of children eating all the food on their plate
  4. Providing the family with quick and easy bedtime snacks