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Exam Preview

Building Relationships with Families during Home Visiting, in partnership with Region 9 Head Start Association

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1.  Relationships with families are built on which of the following and developed over time?
  1. Multiple visits
  2. Appreciation and support
  3. Knowledge given to them
  4. Mutual respect and trust
2.  Building positive relationships with families may lead to better outcomes in other areas of home visiting including which of the following?
  1. Meeting health goals
  2. Building leadership skills
  3. Building advocacy skills
  4. All of the above
3.  Which of these processes or events is a time when home visitor competencies or skills are identified, evaluated, or strengthened?
  1. Going to college
  2. Self-reflection
  3. Writing a lesson plan
  4. Listening to a podcast
4.  How can families help build home visitor competencies and skills?
  1. Provide feedback
  2. Attend parent meetings
  3. Ask lots of questions
  4. They can't
5.  Which of the following is an appropriate way to get to know families?
  1. Plan a "girls night out"
  2. Invite them to your church
  3. Identifying strengths, challenges, interests and needs
  4. Ask them to have dinner with your family
6.  Which of these is an appropriate way to focus on the family during a home visit?
  1. Engage in gossip about the family's downstairs neighbor
  2. Ask the family member about what they like to drink when they go out on the weekends
  3. Ask the parent about what kinds of toys their toddler most enjoys
  4. Talk about your own marital troubles
7.  Which of these is NOT an effective way to communicate with families?
  1. Find out the method of communication that best works for the family
  2. Mandate that the family get an email account because that is your preferred form of communication
  3. Communicate with the family if you are going to be late for the home visit
  4. Utilize both verbal and non-verbal forms of communication
8.  Which of the following is a motivational interviewing technique?
  1. Listen more than you speak
  2. Use only closed questions
  3. Always give feedback
  4. Give your opinion
9.  What is one strategy for working through differences and challenging situations with families?
  1. Tell your supervisor you need a different family to visit
  2. Cancel home visits because they are too uncomfortable
  3. Identify barriers to relationship-building, such as a negative prior experience with home visiting
  4. Air your frustration on Facebook
10.  Which of the following is an effective way to involve fathers in home visiting services?
  1. Invite them to group activities
  2. Share about the importance of fathers or father-figures in the lives of young children
  3. Provide resources and supports for fathers
  4. All of the above