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Exam Preview

CDA Credential - Infant and Toddler, Part 2

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1.  What can increase when using visual supports for children with ASD?
  1. Understanding, cooperation, and communication
  2. Communication, meltdowns, and anxiety
  3. Understanding, communication, and anxiety
  4. Comprehension, communication, and frustration
2.  Why is nature the ultimate sensory experience?
  1. It engages all the senses
  2. It is always calm
  3. Kids can do whatever they want
  4. It has lots of noises
3.  Children should get a minimum of how many minutes of physical activity each day?
  1. 15 minutes
  2. 60 minutes
  3. 45 minutes
  4. 30 minutes
4.  Why is reading aloud to infants, toddlers and young children extremely important?
  1. Exposure to storybooks is the biggest factor in a preschooler's vocabulary.
  2. More parent-child conversations occur during read-alouds than during any other activity.
  3. Children who receive read-alouds show gains of more than twice as many new words.
  4. All of the above
5.  Signing encourages which of the following?
  1. Larger vocabulary and increased listening skills
  2. Joint attention, eye contact, and turn-taking
  3. Problem-solving and increased memory
  4. Increased movement and sharing
6.  According to Fedewa and Soyeon, what type of exercise had the greatest effect on academic achievement and cognitive outcomes?
  1. Muscle strengthening
  2. Bone strengthening
  3. Aerobic
  4. None of the above
7.  Which of the following is a teacher's role in creating an inclusive classroom?
  1. Engage children with disabilities in all classroom activities
  2. Move children with disabilities to specific areas of the classroom
  3. Provide a space outside the classroom for the therapist to work with the child
  4. Refer parents to the therapists for any questions about their child
8.  Praise is a form of positive reinforcement that combines which of the following?
  1. Attention with a tangible reward
  2. Attention with a positive verbal statement
  3. A tangible reward with a positive verbal statement
  4. None of the above
9.  Which of the following should be done when reinforcing students?
  1. Use behavior-specific praise and tell the student exactly what he did
  2. Tell them what they did wrong
  3. Wait until the end of circle to use reinforcement
  4. Only provide it one time
10.  How can you entice students to join circle time?
  1. Use a highly motivating item/activity
  2. Use boring materials
  3. Do the same tasks each circle time
  4. Have a slow pace

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