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Exam Preview

The Decline of Play Outdoors in Children - And the Rise in Sensory Issues

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1.  Which of the following issues are more children presenting with today?
  1. Decreased attention
  2. A rise in anxiety
  3. Increased aggression
  4. All of the above
2.  Since children are constantly in an upright position today, which system are we seeing the most problems with?
  1. Tactile system
  2. Auditory system
  3. Vestibular system
  4. Olfactory system
3.  Why are children becoming more unsafe today?
  1. They are seated for hours every day
  2. They are given too many restrictions on how they use playground equipment
  3. They aren't playing outdoors on a regular basis
  4. All of the above
4.  What is the best way to get kids to pay attention long term?
  1. Sit them on bouncy balls
  2. Have standing desks available
  3. Make sure children have plenty of time and space to move throughout the day
  4. Give them medication
5.  What is a secondary reason children are having trouble with their proprioceptive sense?
  1. Not wearing a weighted vest
  2. Not getting enough outdoor play
  3. Not doing enough push ups
  4. None of the above
6.  Why is nature the ultimate sensory experience?
  1. It engages all the senses
  2. It is always calm
  3. Kids can do whatever they want
  4. It has lots of noises
7.  What is the ideal amount of time and quantity for recess in a typical 6-hour day to improve emotional regulation, foster social skill development, and prepare the body for learning?
  1. Three 15-minute recess sessions
  2. One 20-minute recess session
  3. One or two 15-minute recess sessions and one longer 1-hour session
  4. One hour-long recess session
8.  Which of the following is NOT an example of loose parts to provide to children to play with outside?
  1. Tires
  2. Sticks
  3. Cloth
  4. Pretend plastic food
9.  Which of the following is a way to enhance the play experience?
  1. Shorten the play time
  2. Have more rules
  3. Ensure children are free to get dirty
  4. Ensure adults are always involved in the play
10.  Which of the following is a method you can use to enhance children's play experiences?
  1. Provide plenty of restrictions and rules to keep the children safe
  2. Give ample play ideas to the children
  3. Have the adults step back
  4. Structure the play experiences

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