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Exam Preview

Diversity and Cultural Awareness

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1.  What does diversity include?
  1. Only our skin colors
  2. Only our ethnic background
  3. Only our different abilities
  4. All of the things that make us different
2.  Which of the following activities would help teach diversity?
  1. Celebrating Cinco de Mayo
  2. Examining different skin tones
  3. Having a Thanksgiving play with Indians and pilgrims
  4. Learning about Black History Month
3.  Which of the following describes appreciating and representing diversity?
  1. Is not a lesson plan
  2. Is not a curriculum
  3. Is an ongoing process
  4. All of the above
4.  Which of the following describes what children should learn in our programs?
  1. About their own background
  2. About people with only the same backgrounds as them
  3. See only themselves represented in the classroom
  4. Understand that their cultures are the most important
5.  Which of the following describes culture?
  1. Not learned
  2. How people see us
  3. Normative
  4. The same within ethnicities
6.  Which term describes being cognizant of yours and others' culture?
  1. Diversity
  2. Cultural awareness
  3. Culturally appropriate
  4. Honesty
7.  Which of the following is part of cultural awareness?
  1. Identifying and creating barriers to inclusion
  2. Practicing mutual respect for others whose culture and experiences are the same as ours
  3. Appreciating that each culture is dependent upon one another and is equal in importance
  4. Developing connections with one another in your same culture
8.  What is one reason cultural awareness is important?
  1. We need to agree all of the time
  2. We need to like each other
  3. We need to understand each other's backgrounds
  4. We need to share the same beliefs
9.  What does the first stage of cultural awareness include?
  1. Only being aware of our way of doing things
  2. Being aware of how others do things
  3. Being aware that there are better ways to do things
  4. Only being aware of other's ways of doing things
10.  What is the last stage of cultural awareness?
  1. Competence
  2. Blindness
  3. Proficiency
  4. Sensitivity