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Exam Preview

Baby Picasso: Art with Infants and Toddlers

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1.  Infants and toddlers gather information about the world around them through:
  1. Hearing stories
  2. Their senses
  3. Their parents telling them things
  4. Reading books
2.  Art provides children with the ability to:
  1. Use visual expression as a means of communication
  2. Develop an understanding of cause and effect
  3. Experience pride in their accomplishments
  4. All of the above
3.  Art experiences teach children to:
  1. Solve complex problems
  2. Minimize creativity
  3. Limit hand-eye coordination
  4. Develop planning skills
4.  How many synapses are connecting and firing when a child is participating in an art experience?
  1. Hundreds
  2. Thousands
  3. Millions
  4. Hundreds of millions
5.  While participating in art experiences, children are developing fine motor skills by:
  1. Grasping chubby crayons and paintbrushes
  2. Rolling large paint rollers
  3. Feeling accomplishment in their artwork
  4. Buttoning a coat
6.  Tips for planning creative art experiences for infants and toddlers include:
  1. Use food as art materials (macaroni, pudding, yogurt)
  2. Make teacher-directed lesson plans and give a lot of directions
  3. Be patient, use a lot of praise, provide options, and explore the child's process
  4. Try to keep the children and area clean throughout the activities and avoid a mess
7.  One activity that encourages children's social-emotional development through art is:
  1. Slide painting
  2. Mirror painting
  3. Spikey ball painting
  4. Painting with water
8.  A process that is open-ended and unstructured would be considered:
  1. Art
  2. A craft
  3. A project
  4. A learning goal
9.  A craft is an experience that is NOT:
  1. Process oriented
  2. Structured
  3. Developing coordinating skills
  4. Product oriented
10.  The goal of art is:
  1. The end product
  2. A piece that looks like everyone else's
  3. The process of discovery
  4. To get messy