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Exam Preview

Budget Friendly, Creative Play Ideas Targeting STEM Standards in the Early Childhood Classroom

1.  Choose an example of an activity that does not target the math goal of sorting/classifying.
  1. Counting blocks
  2. Measuring straws
  3. Sticky note memory game
  4. Cardboard tube ball course
2.  Choose an example of an activity that targets the math goal of shapes/space.
  1. Filling in tape shapes with blocks
  2. Water bottle "I Spy" game
  3. Lidded container bug box
  4. Drinking straw bubble wand
3.  Choose an example of an activity that targets the engineering goal of problem solving.
  1. Animal figure feely game
  2. Rainy day block game
  3. Voting with sticky notes
  4. Cardboard tube spyglass
4.  Choose an example of an activity that targets the technology goal of using tools.
  1. Creating a collection of items using lidded containers
  2. Using sticky notes to create a pattern
  3. Sorting animals figures by habitat
  4. Incorporating simple machines in the block area
5.  Where might one locate free and found materials?
  1. Discount store
  2. Backyard
  3. Clearance sale
  4. Surplus store
6.  Which of the following materials could be used for seriation?
  1. Blocks
  2. Sticky notes
  3. Straws
  4. All of the above
7.  Choose the most appropriate science goal for early childhood.
  1. Identifying the planets
  2. Exploration and observation
  3. Shapes and space
  4. Counting
8.  Where is the best place to begin looking for inexpensive materials to target STEM concepts?
  1. Specialized catalogs
  2. Search the Internet
  3. Discount store
  4. Inventory your own program
9.  Measuring activities focus on which STEM area?
  1. Math
  2. Science
  3. Technology
  4. All the above
10.  When incorporating materials to target STEM concepts you should:
  1. Have a degree in science
  2. Give children time to explore the materials
  3. Only purchase items designed to target STEM concepts
  4. Spend a lot of money