continued Early Childhood Education Phone: 866-727-1617

The HOW of Engagement for Fathers and Families, in partnership with Region 9 Head Start Association

On Demand:

Course Type: Video, Audio

CEUs/Hours Offered: AK/1.0; AL/1.0; CA/1.0; CO/1.0; CT/1.0; DE/1.0; FL/1.0; GaPDS/1.0; HI/1.0; IA Registry/1.0; IACET/0.1; ID Stars/1.0; IL Gateways/1.0 B345755; IN/1.0; KS/1.0; KY ECE-TRIS/1.0; MA/1.0; ME/1.0; MI Registry/1.0; MN/1.0; MO Open/1.0; NE/1.0; NH/1.0; NJCCIS/1.0; NV Registry/1.0; NY/1.0; OH/1.0; OR/1.0; PA Keys/1.0; SD/1.0; TX/1.0; UT/1.0; VA/1.0; VT NLCCV/1.0; WA STARS/1.0

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