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Helping Young Children Develop a Positive Sense of Self

Amber Tankersley, PhD

March 18, 2022

Strategies for adults to help children develop a positive sense of self.   Read More

Exploring Physical and Language Development of Infants and Toddlers

Jean Barbre, EdD

January 10, 2022

Learn strategies and activities that foster physical and language development in infant-toddler care.   Read More

Exploring Cognitive and Social-Emotional Development of Infants and Toddlers

Jean Barbre, EdD

October 12, 2021

Learn key competencies of infant and toddler development in the areas of cognitive and social-emotional development as well as the important role caregivers have in this development through relationsh...   Read More

Social-Emotional Development Theories and the Early Childhood Classroom

Miriam Eckstein-Koas, MS, SpEd

March 4, 2021

Learn about Erikson and Maslow's theories and how they apply to working with young children.   Read More

Opening the Culture Door: Valuing Diversity

Barbara Kaiser, MA

February 23, 2021

Understand the impact of cultural influences on ourselves and children.   Read More

Positive Discipline Tools for Teachers: Alternatives to Rewards and Punishment

Kelly Gfroerer, PhD, LPC

November 5, 2020

Learn about Positive Discipline tools for teachers in early childhood education.   Read More


What a Wonderful World: Growing Empathy for Early Learners

Jennifer McCroddan, BA

September 8, 2020

Explore empathy and how we can help nurture it in young children.   Read More

The Ordinary Magic of Storytelling

Stephanie Goloway, EdD

April 15, 2020

How to select, learn, and tell stories, and how to integrate storytelling throughout your early childhood curriculum.   Read More

Bully Proofing Your Early Childhood Program, in partnership with Region 9 Head Start Association

William DeMeo, PhD

March 31, 2020

Strategies for working with young children demonstrating bullying behaviors, identifying bullying tendencies, and understanding the signs and symptoms of such behaviors.   Read More


An Introduction to Integrated Dual Language Learners (Birth to Five), in partnership with Region 9 Head Start Association

Erika Flores, BS, MEd

March 24, 2020

Review of Dual Language Learners (DLLs) ages 0 to 5, with strategies to support the whole child and their families   Read More


Screen Time & Negative Associations to Child Development

Stacey Landberg, MS, CCC-SLP

December 30, 2019

Learn about myths and research findings related to the impact of technology on early child development.   Read More

Meeting the Needs of Young Boys in Early Childhood Programs

Francis Wardle, BS, MS, PhD

December 17, 2019

Learn about the challenges of working with young boys in early childhood programs, why they are more difficult to care for and educate than young girls, and suggestions to address this dilemma.   Read More

Potty Training at School

Karen Deerwester, EdS

October 11, 2019

Readiness characteristics and tips for potty training young children   Read More

ADHD 101: Bringing Focus to the Confusion

Alison D. Peak, LCSW, IMH-E

July 24, 2019

Symptoms of ADHD, the process of making an ADHD diagnosis, and classroom interventions to support children with ADHD.   Read More


Supporting Young Children's Social-Emotional Literacy - Part 2

Pamelazita Buschbacher, EdD, CCC-SLP

June 21, 2019

Ways to resolve and prevent challenging behaviors in young children through the development of social-emotional literacy   Read More


Supporting Young Children's Social-Emotional Literacy - Part 1

Pamelazita Buschbacher, EdD, CCC-SLP

May 31, 2019

Ways to resolve and prevent challenging behaviors in young children through the development of social-emotional literacy   Read More


Unlocking the Mystery of Selective Mutism

Aimee Kotrba, PhD

February 27, 2019

This course describes selective mutism, how to assess for selective mutism characteristics, and what teachers and caregivers can do to support and help children.   Read More


Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) - Impact on Children and Families

Dan Dubovsky, MSW

August 2, 2018

Description of FASD and the impact it has on children and families, including brain structure and their impact on behavior.   Read More


We Create Magic: Experiences and Environment for Infant/Toddler Classrooms

Karen Deerwester, EdS

July 23, 2018

Examples and ideas for creating magic and meaningful play-based exploration and discovery experiences for infants and toddlers.   Read More


Circle Time Success

Liz Moore, MEd

July 20, 2018

Strategies and supports for helping young children participate in circle time activities.   Read More


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