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Exam Preview

Coping with Grief During the Holidays

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1.  ____________ occurs when something is left behind – by choice or by circumstance.
  1. Grief
  2. Mourning
  3. Loss
  4. None of the above
2.  Grief reactions can include:
  1. Emotional responses
  2. Physical symptoms
  3. Cognitive changes
  4. All of the above
3.  Those who experience a loss:
  1. Experience grief reactions in stages
  2. Complete the grief process within a prescribed timetable
  3. Have highly individual and variable reactions
  4. Always develop depression
4.  Anniversary Reactions
  1. Reminds us that grief is not a crisis, but a transition or life change
  2. Are grief reactions that return on the anniversary of a loss or on other special days throughout the year
  3. Come about from planned and unplanned events
  4. All of the above
5.  What is outside one’s “circle of control” when coping with a loss?
  1. Family reactions and demands
  2. Which events one attends
  3. How much money one spends
  4. Personal self-care
6.  The Dual Process Model highlights the oscillation between the __________-oriented and ____________ - oriented aspects of the grief process.
  1. grief/mourning
  2. ambiguous/restoration
  3. loss/restoration
  4. loss/grief
7.  The ______________________ Framework suggests that the grieving process involves understanding how the bond can be maintained, enhanced, and utilized to promote a healthy response.
  1. Continuing Bonds
  2. Dual-Process
  3. Disenfranchised Grief
  4. Anniversary Reaction
8.  ________________ is the use of a therapeutic approach that uses literature and storytelling to support coping and healing.
  1. Art therapy
  2. Bibliotherapy
  3. Music therapy
  4. Play therapy
9.  A ________________ is an activity that provides a vehicle for sharing memories.
  1. Memory jar
  2. Tree planting
  3. Remembrance plate
  4. All of the above
10.  The _________________ provides specific resources for children who are coping with grief during the holidays.
  1. National Alliance for Grieving Children (NAGC)
  2. Highmark Caring Place
  3. Association for Death Education & Counseling
  4. A and B