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Articles for Respiratory Therapy CEUs

Autogenic Drainage: Technique for Airway Clearance

Duane Reed, EdD, RRT, RCP

March 10, 2023

The course focuses on the effects of bronchodilators in children with bronchiolitis. Discussion on non-responding populations is identified, and potential responders to bronchodilators are listed for...   Read More


Futile or Fruitful: Medical Interventions and the Respiratory Therapist

Shawna Strickland, PhD, CAE, RRT, RRT-NPS, RRT-ACCS, AE-C, FAARC

February 17, 2023

Interventions that are not likely to produce a medical benefit for the patient are referred to as futile. In this presentation, futility is defined, and the limitations of practical use are identified...   Read More

Cybersecurity for Telehealth

Josiah Dykstra, PhD

January 23, 2023

Telehealth is here to stay, and now is the best time to apply secure practices to ensure safe and compliant delivery. This course describes vulnerabilities in telehealth delivery and provides practica...   Read More


Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Bloodborne Pathogens Standards: What You Need to Know

Kathleen Weissberg, OTD, OTR/L, CMDCP, CDP

December 1, 2022

A review of the bloodborne pathogens standard as published by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).   Read More


BURNED OUT: How To Heal and Protect Our Mental Health at Work

Sophie Nathenson, PhD, Medical Sociology

November 2, 2022

In this course, participants learn about the condition of burnout and how workplace conditions impact our mental health.   Read More


Effective Conflict Management Between Multidisciplinary Teams

Mira Rollins, OTR/L

September 23, 2022

This course gives practical techniques to effectively manage conflict in health care resulting from high stress, fast-paced and demanding work environments   Read More


Leadership in Healthcare

Claire Aloan, MS, RRT-NPS, FAARC

July 14, 2022

The importance of leadership in healthcare, and methods of developing critical leadership skills.   Read More


If You Cannot Breathe, You Cannot Swallow... Breathing and Swallow Coordination in Respiratory Disease

Angela Mansolillo, MA, CCC-SLP, BCS-S

July 1, 2022

Respiratory and swallow systems are connected in a variety of ways that have implications for both the respiratory therapist and the dysphagia clinician. This course will describe those relationships...   Read More


Respiratory Concerns for the Premature Infant

Tina Pennington, MNSc, RNC-NIC

June 1, 2022

Respiratory concerns for the premature infant is an intermediate course discussing the common lung conditions related to prematurity. Practical clinical applications include successful positive-pressu...   Read More


HIPAA for Allied Health Professionals

Kim Cavitt, AuD

May 16, 2022

Review the foundations of HIPAA privacy, security, breach notification, and marketing requirements and guidelines as they relate to hearing healthcare. This introductory course is intended for new hir...   Read More

Brain Injury Effects on the Respiratory System

Sarah Busser, MA, CCC-SLP, CBIS

April 21, 2022

Respiratory dysfunction is often a complication for patients with brain injuries. This introductory course reviews the respiratory system deficits following a brain injury. The course discusses the fu...   Read More


A Team Approach To Sleep Apnea

Kelvin Imo, DDS, IAOS-Diplomate Candidate

March 4, 2022

This introductory course discusses national health concerns in sleep apnea. The course gears towards familiarizing the practitioner with the foundational physiology of sleep apnea, available treatment...   Read More


Professional Organizations Within Respiratory Care: What You Need to Know

Jessica Fino, EdD, RRT

February 3, 2022

This introductory course provides a review of the professional organizations within respiratory care, and discusses membership guidelines, benefits, and your role as a respiratory therapist.   Read More

Ethics in Crisis

Katie O'Shea, PT, DPT, MBA, GCS, CDP, Charles C. Bratton, JD, L.L.M. II

January 21, 2022

This 2-hour course provides a case-based approach of the RIPS model to identify ethical considerations as directly related to clinical practice. Clinical application to assist in the decision-making p...   Read More

Everyday Cybersecurity Best Practices for Respiratory Therapy

Josiah Dykstra, PhD

December 10, 2021

This course covers practical steps and cybersecurity best practices to help protect professionals and their patients’ protected health information.   Read More

Cystic Fibrosis: A Comprehensive Overview

Prigi Varghese, MSN, APRN, CPNP-PC

October 13, 2021

A comprehensive review on cystic fibrosis pathophysiology, diagnosis, management of pulmonary and non-pulmonary symptoms.   Read More


HIV Education for Respiratory Therapists

Sara Pullen, PT, DPT, MPH, CHES

October 8, 2021

This course will familiarize respiratory therapists with basic HIV-related knowledge. The course will review some common respiratory conditions seen in HIV and AIDS.   Read More

Cultural Awareness and Implicit Bias in Healthcare

Sara Pullen, PT, DPT, MPH, CHES

October 8, 2021

This course familiarizes respiratory therapists with cultural sensitivity and competence. The course describes implicit bias and health inequity relating to healthcare delivery.   Read More

Preparing Complex Medical Patients for Successful Community Integration

Diane Ulmer, OTR/L, Melissa Gulizia, BS, RRT

September 24, 2021

A review of tools and strategies for Respiratory Therapists to assist them in their important role in preparing patients with complex needs and their families in sustaining successful living in the co...   Read More


High Flow Nasal Oxygen: What’s What!

Jessica Fino, EdD, RRT

September 16, 2021

This course provides a review of high flow oxygen devices to include models such as Optiflow, Air-vo, and Vapotherm. In addition, this course discusses the clinical guidelines, benefits, and limitatio...   Read More


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