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How to land a remote job

By Asher Primrose, Director of Human Resources

As head of human resources for a completely virtual company, I’m often met with intrigue and even skepticism over the concept of a 100% remote workforce. How do we recruit qualified, talented, and committed team members, and what makes them successful in a remote environment? How could we ensure the people we hired would be reliable, productive, and collaborative without on-site supervision?

continued HR Director Asher PrimroseIn the five years I’ve been with the company, I have consistently seen how accurately you can determine a candidate’s fit and set them up for success when you keep the company’s culture and core values at the forefront of every decision. At continued, culture is paramount, so we assess a potential candidate for culture fit from the very beginning of the application process.

If a candidate advances to the interview process, our standard vetting practice includes two to three phone interviews with a variety of team members, a reference check with two to three former managers or colleagues, and one in-person interview. This multi-layer, multi-person approach has been extremely successful, as evidenced by our less than 2% voluntary turnover.

So, how do you land that coveted interview time with a remote company?


First impressions are key—stock cover letters need not apply! How a person communicates in their cover letter gives us our first clue about culture fit. We look for strong written communication skills, a demonstrated passion for what they do, a clear interest in our company, a warm personality, and a sense of humor. Candidates should also be sure to demonstrate that they have fully read and understand the job as posted. 


Ideal candidates are great on the phone and can emote warmth, a passion for what they do, humility, and a good sense of humor when not face-to-face. They are also clear and succinct communicators and strong listeners. Since we are a 100% remote team, this ability is a key indicator of fit.


When a person is seeking a virtual workplace, it is crucial they do their homework. If a candidate doesn’t know what we do when I call them or have any idea about our story or culture, it is a clear indicator that they won’t be a fit. They should also have an understanding of remote work in general. Virtual work isn’t for everyone, but 100% remote work is life-changing for many of our team members and is part of the formula for our company’s success.

"Before joining continued, many of us endured long commutes, worked excessively long hours, or spent too much time away from our families. Joining continued changed that and marked a positive shift in our lives."  

Before joining continued, many of us endured long commutes, worked excessively long hours, or spent too much time away from our families. Joining continued changed that and marked a positive shift in our lives. No commute means more time to give yourself, your family, and your overall health and wellness—and that means a less stressful existence. Couple a less stressful life with a warm, collaborative, and connected team, and you have the magic sauce that is evidenced by our extremely low turnover and high levels of engagement at continued.

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Asher PrimroseAsher Primrose brings more than 20 years of Human Resources experience in small and medium-sized companies with deep specialty in performance management and employee/manager development.

She came to continued after 12 years with Hitachi Consulting, where she led their global performance management strategy and programs. In her role, she manages all aspects of HR including recruiting, employee engagement and development, company culture enhancement, management training, performance management, compensation strategy, benefits and wellness programs, HR policy, and employee data management.

Asher has a BA in Sociology from UCLA and is a Certified Birkman Method consultant. She lives in Los Angeles with her two children and two dogs.


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