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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Health Care: It's Not Just Black and White - Access to Healthcare

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1.  Training health professionals on implicit bias related to access of care issues:
  1. Is not needed because it doesn’t exist
  2. Decreases negative feelings
  3. Increases quality and standards of care
  4. Does not make patients feel valued
2.  What percentage of things outside the health care systems influence life expectancy?
  1. 25%
  2. 45%
  3. 60%
  4. 80%
3.  Factors that shape health include:
  1. Social and economic conditions
  2. Behavior
  3. Healthcare activities
  4. All of the above
4.  Social determinants of health include:
  1. Education access and quality
  2. Health care access and quality
  3. Neighborhood and built environment
  4. All of the above
5.  Emotional Intelligence:
  1. Helps one understand what motivates others
  2. Counts more than a high IQ and technical skills and increases the likelihood of being successful
  3. Both A & B
  4. Does not impact access to care

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