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Exam Preview

Mechanical Ventilation in Status Asthmaticus: A Strategic Approach To Ventilator Management And Monitoring

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1.  The difference between _____________ signifies the magnitude of unequal ventilation and time constant distribution.
  1. P2 - P4
  2. P2 - P3
  3. P1 - P2
  4. P1 - P3
2.  When using external PEEP, what may be a possible implication?
  1. Airway restriction
  2. Pleural effusion
  3. Hyperinflation
  4. Popcorn lung
3.  What are some of the initial ventilator settings and associated dependent variables?
  1. Tidal volume
  2. I:E ratio
  3. PEEPi
  4. All of the above
4.  Pendelluft motion or “stress adaptation” is typically detected with ventilator graphics only in severe _______.
  1. Obstructive airways disease
  2. Restrictive airways disease
  3. Combination of both restrictive and obstructive airways disease
  4. None of the above
5.  ______________, non-communicating alveolar segments will likely compress tissue with partially or fully functioning airways
  1. Tidal volume
  2. Minute ventilation
  3. Underdistended
  4. Overdistended