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Caring for the High Anxiety Pulmonary Patient and Family
Presented by Nancy Nathenson, BS, RRT
Course: #1233Level: Introductory1.5 Hour
This course provides an in-depth look at anxiety and its management in the care of the pulmonary patient. The course provides an overview of the components of anxiety including the impact on the patient and their recovery. Specific interventions address the reduction of anxiety for the patient and family improving patient outcomes.

Revisiting Adverse Childhood Experiences: Is This the Key to Managing COPD
Presented by Tammy Kurszewski, D.H.Sc., RRT-ACCS
Course: #1197Level: Introductory1 Hour
A landmark study conducted by Kaiser-Permanente established a solid relationship between adverse childhood experiences (ACEs) and the development of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This interactive lecture will provide an overview of the findings from this study as well as current literature associated with the topic. An advanced discussion will challenge those providers in post-acute settings to evaluate opportunities to break the cycle of disease and improve quality-of-life for our at-risk population through education and empowerment.

Current Guidelines in Asthma Management Across all Age Groups
Presented by Nancy Nathenson, BS, RRT
Course: #11261.5 Hour
The purpose of this program is to provide an overview of current asthma management guidelines, including steps in diagnosis, assessment, patient medication management and education. It will explore the factors that contribute to patient non-compliance, strategies to improve patient engagement and health outcomes.