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Anaphylaxis Management: More than Just an Epi-Pen!

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This course provides an overview of current anaphylaxis management. Discussion of topics include causes, steps in diagnosis, assessment, allergy testing, and treatment options. Additionally, reviews emergency medication management, patient/caregiver education, and ongoing management.

Course created on March 11, 2021

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Course Type: Video, Text

CEUs/Hours Offered: AARC - CRCE/1.0; CE Broker/1.0 Direct Delivery Of Respiratory Care Services, CE Broker #20-853718; IACET/0.1

Learning Outcomes

  • checkmarkAfter this course, participants will be able to identify individuals at risk for anaphylaxis.
  • checkmarkAfter this course, participants will be able to recognize anaphylaxis symptoms and those that are a precursor to upper airway obstruction.
  • checkmarkAfter this course, participants will be able to explain the key components in the diagnosis and management of food allergies.
  • checkmarkAfter this course, participants will be able to describe anaphylaxis symptom progressions and the first line of treatment.


0-5 Minutes Introduction
5-10 Minutes Anaphylaxis Overview: Description, Categories. at-risk individuals, Early Signs, and Symptoms
10-20 Minutes Diagnosis and Management: Diary, Allergy Testing Skin Prick.Blood Tests, Oral Food Challenge, Action Plan
20-40 Minutes Causes and interventions for Food Allergies, Venom, Latex, Exercise and Medication
40-55 Minutes Mediator response, Medication Interventions, Anaphylaxispatterns
55-65 Minutes Pollen/Food Allergy Syndrome, Diagnosis, Treatment
65-70 Minutes Patient Allergy Management and Prevention Education: Conquering Anxiety, Food Labels, Travel. After the Sting, Dining Out, Cross Contact Builying,
70-80 Minutes Epi vs Antihistamines, Epi-Pen, Auvi-Q Injector use and maintenance
80-85 Minutes Access to Epi, Action Plan
85-90 Minutes Summary


71 Reviews

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