AudiologyOnline supports AAAF scholarship program

The American Academy of Audiology Foundation (AAAF) has announced two scholarship recipients supported by a contribution from Continued’s AudiologyOnline.

AudiologyOnline donates to the AAAF Continued Achievement Scholarship, which benefits qualified students who are currently enrolled in AuD, PhD, or AuD/PhD programs and who show exceptional promise in providing outstanding patient care as clinical audiologists.

This year’s recipients of $2000 scholarships each are Megan Dorfler and Kaley Graves. 

Dorfler is pursuing her doctorate in audiology at the University of Iowa. 

"I am incredibly honored and grateful to have been selected to receive the Continued Achievement Scholarship,” Dorfler said. “The scholarship opportunities that the AAAF and AudiologyOnline provide not only validate the passion and commitment students have to the field of audiology, but they also provide opportunities to students to continue to learn and develop their skills so they can give back to their communities."

Graves is a doctor of audiology student at the University of Illinois. 

“I am incredibly honored to receive the AAAF Scholarship to help further my academic and clinical training,” Graves said. “The acknowledgement of my hard work and dedication at this early stage in my career is added motivation to continue to grow and develop into an excellent clinician, as modeled by others in the field before me.”

In addition to the scholarship, both recipients will receive a lifetime membership to AudiologyOnline to support their lifelong learning. 

“As a doctorate-level profession, we recognize that audiology requires intense personal and professional commitments from students over many years,” said Christy Huynh, AuD, managing editor of AudiologyOnline. “Audiology care is an important part of overall healthcare for people of all ages, and the demand for audiologists is projected to grow exponentially in the next few years. We see these scholarships as a means to help support talented audiology students and also as an investment in the future of our profession.”

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Posted in press on Aug 08, 2022