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If You Cannot Breathe, You Cannot Swallow... Breathing and Swallow Coordination in Respiratory Disease

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1.  A post-swallow exhalation __________.
  1. Facilitates airway clearance and vocal fold abduction
  2. Facilitates both airway and esophageal clearance
  3. Facilitates laryngeal elevation during serial swallows
  4. Facilitates airway clearance and increases traction effect on the larynx
2.  Which of the following is correct regarding breathing and swallow coordination in people with COPD?
  1. Impaired coordination results in aspiration rates of 50% and higher
  2. Swallows typically occur at higher lung volumes across bolus types
  3. Post-swallow inhalation is more common with thin liquid boluses
  4. Hypoxia and hypercapnia result in decreased swallow frequency and increased aspiration risk
3.  What is known about swallow function in patients using high flow nasal cannula?
  1. As liters per minute (LPM) increase, pressure in the pharyngeal airway increases as well
  2. As LPM increase, pharyngeal pressures decrease
  3. As LPM decreases, pharyngeal pressures increase
  4. There is no relationship between LPM and pharyngeal pressures
4.  A recent systematic review for Respiratory Muscle Strength Training (RMST) in people with Parkinson’s Disease revealed ___________.
  1. Inspiratory (IMST) and Expiratory Muscle Strength Training (EMST) improved swallow outcomes
  2. IMST improved both swallow outcomes and perception of dyspnea
  3. IMST resulted in improvements in voice while EMST improved swallow function
  4. Neither IMST or EMST had an impact on swallow functions
5.  Compensatory strategies to improve breathing-swallow coordination in people with underlying respiratory impairments include which of the following?
  1. Semi-reclined position
  2. Slow pace and larger bites and sips
  3. Imposed breaks and suggestions for energy conservation
  4. Visual feedback and demonstration