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Broaching the Topic of Race: Engagement with Children and Families Across Racial and Cultural Divides
Presented by Marva Lewis, PhD
Course: #31408Level: Intermediate1 Hour
Participants will be introduced to simple strategies and tools for broaching the topic of race with children and families. These can be used in reflective supervision by clinical supervisors, lead teachers, program managers, and executive directors to engage with children on the topic of race in a developmentally effective way and to talk with families about race-related topics.

Cultural Competence With Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender, and Questioning Individuals
Presented by Sara Pullen, DPT, MPH
Course: #31407Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course will examine cultural competence for providing safe, welcoming environments and workplaces for LGBTQ families, employees, and co-workers. It will provide specific strategies for schools and employers to ensure a respectful and supportive work environment for LGBTQ individuals.

Reducing the Stigma of HIV/AIDS
Presented by Sara Pullen, DPT, MPH
Course: #31399Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course covers stigma associated with HIV and AIDS, and how this specifically manifests in educational settings. Participants will learn strategies to reduce HIV-related stigma in the school, daycare or childcare learning environment.

Health Behavior Change: Start Simply, But Simply Start
Presented by Marilyn Massey-Stokes, EdD, CHES, CHWC
Course: #31377Level: Intermediate1 Hour
The presenter will provide an overview of wellness and health behavior change. Tips for successful behavior change and SMART goals will also be addressed.

Taking Infants Outdoors
Presented by Heather Olsen, EdD
Course: #31375Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course will identify the benefits of outdoor play for infants, specifically addressing ideas for playtime outside. Participants will learn how to recognize six tips to safely introduce infants to the outdoors. Discussion will also include different outdoor temperatures and strategies for weather conditions.

Child Abuse and Neglect: An Overview
Presented by Marilyn Massey-Stokes, EdD, CHES, CHWC
Course: #31373Level: Introductory1 Hour
The presenter will provide an overview of the four main types of child abuse, including signs of possible abuse. Reporting suspected child abuse and prevention activities will also be addressed.

Families As Partners - Making Family Engagement Truly Meaningful & Authentic
Presented by Luis Hernandez, MA
Course: #31358Level: Introductory1 Hour
At the heart of our profession is the power of meaningful and positive relationships with each family. We understand and know that all learning begins with families and home life.

Reading to Infants and Toddlers
Presented by Terrie Rose, PhD, LP
Course: #31340Level: Introductory1 Hour
Drawing knowledge from research, best practice, and experience, Dr. Rose connects the dots across reading to infants and toddlers, child and brain development, and the crucial roles of teachers and community. Through a fast-paced session, she explores how best to create childcare environments that support the reading readiness of all children.

Cultural Awareness in Working with Latino Families
Presented by Anarella Cellitti, PhD
Course: #31336Level: Intermediate1 Hour
This course will explore cultural differences that could interfere with working and communicating with Latino families. Participants will learn about potential barriers and helpful strategies to use when working with Latino families.

Home Visiting 101
Presented by Chris Watkins, MA, MBA
Course: #31337Level: Introductory1 Hour
This course provides an introduction to home visits for teachers and other educational staff. Techniques for adult education, how the home impacts the school environment, and steps to set up home visits will be included.